267 million facebook user data is available for sale on dark web in just 500 Euros. This is the biggest data breach in the history since the Cambridge Analytica. A cyber security firm Cyble has revealed on their twitter handle that 267 million facebook identities sold for 500 Euros.

The data includes that First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone, Facebook ID, Last connection, Status & Age of these users. Although the most important field that could compromise the security of these account password is not leaked, the data however, still can be used to further hack the user accounts.

The data leaked & up for sale on dark web can be used for phishing campaigns and can result in stealing of these accounts. And if only a fraction of account fall pray to these campaigns, the damage could be very serious.

Cyber secure social networks such as Salam Planet are the need of hour:

The world we live in is driven by technology and social networks. We cannot image 1 second of our life without these technologies. So, the need of the hour is to make such secure applications like Salam Planet that do not compromise the data of users any way.

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