The year 2018 ended with a great closing for the Pakistan entertainment industry. The 365 days ride wasn’t just about hot days, cold days, or breezy days but, it was about some exciting happenings. The best Pakistani movies came on air that revolutionized the entire Lollywood setup, there were controversies, rewards… more films and outstanding viewer response.

Local cinema was certainly happy for the outcomes of 2018. While some box office numbers disappointed, the other films surprised Pakistan, and a few grew bigger and bigger to becoming the highest grossing Pakistani movies of 2018.

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Find below the 5 best Pakistani movies that changed the history of Pakistan cinema: those that not only fared on the box office but also had exciting stories to deliver. Thus, enjoy the list of Pakistani films that graced our silver screens and changed our perception of Pakistani cinema for good:


cake - Best Pakistani Film

The tremendous list of people liking this family drama was not only because of its fascinating story and supremely talented cast (Aamina Sheikhm, Adnan Malik, and Sanam Saeed) but the fact that it delivered a message to the local film-makers that it’s okay to go beyond what’s expected of the in this comedy and rom-com-heavy era Pakistani cinema.

The movie ‘Cake’ proved that Pakistani cinema’s identity didn’t need to be built around cheap gimmicks and stale-as-expired-milk premises. It also shows that if film-makers must take things into their hands, they will see changes in the audience and also in the identity of Pakistani cinema.

Jawani Phir Nahi Ani 2

JPNA2 - Best Pakistani Film

Jawani Phir Nahin Ani 2 outdid the huge list of comedies that have crowded the Pakistani cinema. In fact, it even outdid its own predecessor, which is a rare feat in a time where sequels, more often than not, suffer in quality.

JPNA’s dialogues were on a bullet train-speed and the one-liner-after-one-liner gave no breathing space and consistently kept the crowd laughing or anticipated for the next twist. The movie added Fahad Mustafa into the star power which doubled its strengths. And this helped sell even more tickets making Jawani Phir Nahi Ani one of the highest grossing Pakistani movies of the year 2018.

JPNA justifiably stands in the ‘5 best Pakistani films’ list that changed the history of Pakistani cinema. The power-punch includes solid star cast, perfect comic timing and the consistency which even made sense to the critics as well.

Motorcycle Girl

Motorcycle-Girl - Best Pakistani Film

Adnan Sarwar’s Motorcycle Girl has proven to be a valuable addition in the list of best Pakistani films for 2018. It tells a true story of a real-life Pakistani first female motorcyclist Zenith Irfan, who took on the road for fulfilling her father’s dream of travelling Pakistan on a bike.

Soha Ali Abro was declared as Pakistan cinema’s new leading lady through this movie – brave and unafraid. Adnan gave the opportunity to Soha who has been a great hit on small screen plays as well, and she grabbed it and made it work perfectly. Abro made her raw appearance ooze authenticity in the character and become the main reason for Motorcycle girl to achieve success.

A small budget film can also be one of the best Pakistani movies: this is the message Sarwar gave to our film-makers.

Donkey King

Donkey King - Best Pakistani Film

Donkey King makes the list of best Lollywood movies 2018 because it was, beyond the shadow of a doubt, the finest animated film of Pakistan. The animation had stunning voiceovers, great animation, political satire, and Aziz Jindani’s vision of delivering thoroughly entertaining film with new standards.

Just like other great additions, the year 2018 ended with remarkable best Pakistani movies. The year also had Pakistani dramas contributing to the success of small-screen as well, here’s 5 must watch Pakistani dramas of 2018 you shouldn’t miss out.

Teefa in Trouble

Teefa in Trouble - Best Pakistani Film

Teefa in Trouble was much-awaited and a great banger. Although it was doused in controversy because of the sexual harassment allegations. But as for the judgement of movie depending on its own merit, it was a great offering.  Some outstanding visuals, a power couple, and exotic locations – the movie was a near-perfect entertainment package.

Another greater achievement of this film was its release time: despite the debacle of Ali-Meesha Shafi, it still managed to be a success. Teefa in Trouble proved to be a good work in visuals, and was important for pushing the envelope of how a comedy film can be in Pakistan. The action sequence and comedy by Faisal Qureshi and Rahim are signature for keeping you laughing.

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