Lahore, or simply Lahori’s (known locally) are famous for food. The food they eat, cook, and the food choices they have in the vicinity – is the definition of Lahore. Food is in the tradition, culture, and roots of this city. Generally, food streets of any place generously represent the local culture and diversity of food and taste of that area. And New Fort Food Street Lahore is the most popular and important food spots and streets of Lahore in the same light.

Before and After… As part of the Walled City Lahore Project, the city’s famous Food Street was relocated from Gawalmandi, near Anarkali Bazaar, to inside the Walled City on Fort Road, close to the Badshahi Mosque, the Lahore Fort (Shahi Qila) and Taxali Gate.

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Fort Road also dates back to the name of ‘Heera Mandi’, that was once a bustling and notorious red-light district in Lahore. This place wasn’t just lightened with these nocturnal activities but was also a civic mess of uneven streets, garbage heaps and overflowing sewage. Yet the colorful women, red painted lips, intense fragrances, and the lights distracted the other unimportant things.

Shahi Qila Food Street

And now, ever since the area spruced up its focus from business to food, it has become significant. Stretching over 1.2 kilometers, New Fort Food Street Lahore includes 25 heritage buildings renovated to their former glory and forming the backdrop for some of Lahore’s favorite desi cuisine.

Connecting to history… The historical Roshni Gate (previously sealed) is now open. This gateway connects the mosque and the Fort complex to the Fort Road, providing a passage to the visitors of Food Street.

Badshahi Mosque Lahore

The Street to The Best Food in Lahore – Foodie Heaven

Food Street hosts some of the best restaurants in Lahore, and this includes both taste and location. It has a total of 27 restaurants (of course extending to more), roadside dhaabas and food stalls.

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Royal treatment… Although, the entire menu of New Food Street Lahore is comprehensive; includes most favorite Lahori and desi food, but along with taste is the ambiance that changes the food. The splendid views of the Badshahi Mosque, Lahore Fort and its landscaped royal gardens (which adjoin the Food Street) are nothing short of breathtaking. Enhancing the shahi experience are the horse-pulled buggies that transport visitors from the designated parking areas to their restaurant of choice on the Street.

Nevertheless, here’s a list of the ‘5 must-visit food places of New Food Street Lahore’:

Must Visit Food Street Lahore Place 1 – Haveli Restaurant

Must Visit Food Street Place 1 - Haveli Restaurant

Just as the name sounds, Haveli restaurant is a representation of the historic and traditional norms of a place. A compound that accumulates people together, whether for sitting, talking or food. This restaurant hosts delicious desi Pakistani food; mutton karahi as the signature dish with BBQ and other chicken and vegetarian dishes.

Must Visit Food Street Lahore Place 2 – Andaaz

Must Visit Food Street Place 2 – Andaaz

Andaaz has become part of the retro revitalization happening in Lahore restoring century-old buildings into fine dining experiences with highlights of history and culture. It has become a premium dining location specializing in Pakistani cuisine with a few modern twists such as Sweet Lassi featuring banana and honey as well as Butter Chicken which has not always been present on menus.

But the main reason to visit is that the twisting staircase takes you on a trip through history showing philately and old currencies of the country as well as traditional artwork

Must Visit Food Street Place 3 – Cuckoo’s Den

Cuckoo’s Den Lahore

A remarkable place that started the spark in the street. Beautifully re-furbished old place as a dine-in a place with historical essence and modern re-touch. The food and the view are both the most valued

Must Visit Food Street Place 4 – Shahi Baithak

Shahi Baithak

A refined royal place to sit and enjoy divine food. Although this place is a recent addition to the best restaurants in Lahore, it has emerged to the top-ranking Lahore restaurants list quite swiftly. The success and recognition owing to the quality of food and service both.

Must Visit Food Street Place 4 – Street Side

Shahi Baithak

Some of the famous dishes include Tawa Chicken Tikka, Siri Paye, Biryani, Hareesa, Taka tuk, Nihari, Lassi, Faloda, Daal Chawal, Chargha, Fish, Bateray and many more. You will not fall short of the options.

The Google review for food street Pakistan is 4.4. For anyone visiting Pakistan should try the delicious food served with the hospitable gratitude. The Google review for food street Pakistan is 4.4. For anyone visiting Pakistan should try the delicious food served with the hospitable gratitude. And to make things more comfortable for you, we suggest you download the Salam Planet app – it’s an ultimate Muslim Lifestyle app that brings everything, ‘lifestyle needs’, under one roof. So, when you need to look up for a restaurant, want to see reviews about it, want direction, or need to call the place, Salam Planet ensures you have it covered!

In a nutshell

The variety of food available in Food Street Lahore, whether the old food street or the New Food Street, it ranges to different prices but is affordable and the ambiance, as well as the view, is worth experiencing. The area is well lit and security arrangements are adequately adding up to make this place a great ppoint for hangout, for family, friends, and visitors.

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