Just like any other year, the year 2018 has proven to be great for Pakistani dramas. Amazing scripts, acting, production, and direction have been the key factors of the Pakistani drama industry. And undoubtedly, the efforts continue in giving us even better heart-wrenching content and striking stories.

We get to see stories addressing social issues that generally remain hidden behind closed doors. There are stories that address women empowerment, and now a list of Pakistani dramas focuses on educating the masses as well as entertaining them through comedy series.

Though narrowing down the list to ‘5 Must Watch Pakistani Dramas of 2018’ doesn’t seem to do justice with the amazing on-screen-entertainment we’re receiving, but we managed to shortlist a few based on their concept, story-line, direction and the message conveyed to the viewers.

#1 – Suno Chanda

Suno Chanda drama

This subtle romantic comedy was a Ramadhan special starring Farhan Saeed and Iqra Aziz in the main lead roles. A beautiful script by Saima Akram and spotless direction by Ahson Talish, Suno Chanda made waves not only in Pakistan but also abroad. It proved to be entertaining and addictive and Suno Chanda Ramadhan special 2 is anxiously on the wait.

The play was a love story between two cousins Jia and Arsal, tied in a nikkah knot by their dying grandfather. The drama does not address an importantly particular issue but does focus on the importance of consent in marriage. It has gathered a huge fan following and is also rating high in the top Pakistani dramas list.

# 2 – Aakhri Station

Aakhri Station drama

The cast of Akhri Station includes Sanam Saeed, Eman Suleman, Nimra Bucha, Ammara Butt, and Anam Gohar amongst the others. It was a gut-wrenching ride by Kashf Foundation and Sarmad Khoosat. The stories were women-centric and focused entirely on their empowerment and how these women awoke from their lethargy.

Our society has numerous cases subjecting to domestic violence, forced prostitution, acid attacks, the stigma of mental illness, AIDS and HIV. This seven-part serial is showcasing the story based of seven women coming from different classes and backgrounds, becoming one on a train compartment en route to Karachi.

# 3 – Khaani

Khaani drama

Khaani has been one of the best Pakistani dramas of the year. A story of an ordinary girl, ‘Khaani’, standing against the murder of her twin brother by a spoilt boy of a strong politician family is the master direction of Anjum Shehzad. Sana Javed and Feroze Khan are the lead actors who performed exceptionally well and gained immense praise for their acting skills.

Asma Nabeel pens down beautifully the transitioning story of a naïve young girl into a fearless woman that brings down the pride of a sturdy and wealthy boy. Another master addition to this drama series was the OST by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan that turned the tables and mesmerized the audience.

#4 – Aangan

Suno Chanda drama

Aangan can easily be declared as the best Pakistani drama of the year. The story is written by Faiza Ifthikar that depicts the picture of every single Pakistani family. A Punjabi family that sticks to each other through the toughest times and gets back stronger than ever before. Aangan offered everything; relatable characters to emotional moments, and words that make and break.

Abba jee, Sajjad, Zaitoon Bano, Rubina, Laila, Hajra, and Shaina are the outstanding characters that brought life to the on-screen play. Brilliant performances by all the actors and the way they made everyone fall in love them through laughter and tears.

#5 – Meri Guriya

Meri Guriya Darama

Meri Guriya is an inspiration from a true story that has set the bars high for our drama industry. The story did not only shed light on one of the darkest realities of our society – child sexual abuse and murder – it also depicted the psychology of a child molester. This drama also details on how a child rapist behaves in public and in private. The message being sent was that the person behind such horrendous crimes could be someone you know and trust.

The child rapist, Dabeer, has been played by Mohsin Abbas Haider and by all means, he aced the role perfectly. The impactful script is by none other then Radain Shah and to support, Sania Saeed, Sonya Hussyn, and Sajid Hassan have played along. The results are major and this series has topped in the best Pakistani dramas of 2018 list. Moreover, there’s also a strong message for the victim’s family i.e. to fight, despite the toughest hurdles thrown their way, until justice is served.

The list of these outclass dramas doesn’t end here since every year is another remarkable year for us to get entertained through small-screen broadcasts. ARY seems to have won the race of 2018 by far, and we’re keeping our fingers crossed for new Pakistani dramas to be aired and take over the game. Meanwhile, you can download Salam Planet app and watch your favorite channels, videos, and follow your favorite vloggers on Salam Play – where entertainment never ends!

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