They are healthy, have a superb mix of fruits and vegetables, taste divine, and the flavours are usually filling enough to keep you energetic and hydrated.

This trend of juices and shakes, and even smoothies have risen during the years in Lahore. This city is home for desi Pakistani food, continental extravagances, and a place for the people with appetite for the best and new food choices. But Lahore has also become a hub to slurpy cafes and ice cream parlors – where you can have the best of the best coffees, chayes, smoothies, shakes, and snacking products round the clock.

Thanks to young entrepreneurs and food enthusiasts who ensured to bring in creativity and best of every world to Pakistan and serve these amazing and colorful shakes and smoothies more thoroughly.

SalamPlanet has some enthusiasts who love the new flavors on their tongues, and after some testing and trying they’ve chosen 5 places in Lahore as top choice for beating the summer heat. And these bloggers also have 5 must visit food places of New Food Street Lahore for you, read it and give your feedback.

5 Places in Lahore That Provide the Best Juice and Shakes

Topping the List of Cafes in Lahore – Gloria Jean’s Coffee

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We all know about GJC for its coffee, yet the shakes and juices from here are of even greater importance. In fact, it’s the most well-known, well-established brand in Pakistan. Since 2007, this place is marked as the best café in Lahore – for chit chats, official sittings, or friends’ meetups, the place serves perfectly for every type of occasion and reasoning.

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Places in Lahore

In the event that you are chocolate beau and you need the best shake than the Gloria Jean’s should be your first choice. And not just the shakes, they serve delicious mix juices and chillers to their clients. Drinks that won’t just make you crisp but chilled as well. Try Espresso Chillers; Vanilla Chiller, Crème Brulee, Voltage, Coco Loco, Cookies ‘N Cream, Mint Chocolate Bomb, Over Iced; Iced Cappuccino, GJC’s Iced Coffee, Iced Mocha, Iced Tea, Fruit Chillers; Mixed Berry, Strawberry, Mango.

No. 2 for The Best Juice and Shakes Place- Smoothie Factory Pakistan

Smoothie factory has become well known for its crushed juices crisp smoothies. Their ice cream shakes are likewise too great. Smoothie factory took its start in Pakistan in 2008 and has become one of the best places in Lahore for juices and shakes.  Their presentation of the juices and shakes wins them the further regards.

Places in Lahore

No. 3 for Best Café in Lahore – The Shake Factory

The Shake factory has its name circling the entire purpose of the place: shake production is merely about creating unique shakes. The greatest thing about this café/ parlor is that you get to choose the flavors of the shakes you want the way you want. And by all means, no matter what kind of shake you pick, it will be the best delight for the day.

Places in Lahore

Flavors you must try are: Dairy Milk, After Eight, Mar’s, Snickers, M&M’s, Skittles, Reese’s, Ferrero Rocher, Rice Krispies, Peanut Butter, Foxes Fruits, Eclairs, Chocolate Fudge Brownie, and Dewberry blueberry.

No. 4 for The Best Juice and Shakes Place – Health N’ Goodness

If you haven’t tried Health N’ Goodness by now then you’re missing out on the exclusive taste in juices, shakes, and smoothies this place has to offer. It stands out to be the best amongst the 5 places in Lahore in terms of taste, cleanliness, and prices. They have everything that you can ask for: fruit and vege detox smoothies, energy drinks, fresh juices, and shakes ranging in flavors.

Places in Lahore

One of the most favorite drinks here from this amazing juice corner is their “Lemonade”. Might sound normal by name, but this one lemonade is a combination of mint margarita, Shikanjabeen, and the normal lemonade. A must try juice for this summer!

No. 5 for The Best juice and Shakes Place – Yummilicious

Another great name for shakes, ice cream shakes, mojitos, cappuccinos and juices at affordable rates but enriched with flavors and ingredients. They offer a blend of varied ingredients, but the end result is great and makes it one of the best places in Lahore for juices and shakes. They had a single branch and now has extended to Johar town as well.

Their famous juice and shakes are: Berries delight ice cream shake, Snickers Blast, Kit Kat Chocolate, Chocolate Volcano, Caramel Cappuccino, and Strawberry Twist.

Yummilicious - Places in Lahore

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