Stress and Anxiety — the feeling of dismay, fear, worry, and panic — is certainly not new to most of us. Starting from 1926 when Sigmund Freud addressed the disorder, to this time now there have been numerous studies in medicine and research about this growing matter. However, a significant uptick, Neuroscience of stress management discovered a song that reduces anxiety by 65%.

The drugs have been a long-known method to treat anxiety. While cognitive therapy is a more common approach, the majority of people often use meditation, yoga, massage, and other relaxing techniques. The music therapy has also known to show its effects, with some success rate: neuroscience from the UK has now zeroed on a single song that reduces anxiety and stress by 65 percent

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Anxiety and Millennials – On Stress Management

Various studies and surveys in recent years have found that college and university students report for “overwhelming anxiety”. A similar study by YouthNet charity in the United Kingdom discovered a third of young women — and one in ten young men — suffer from panic attacks and depression.

So, what is exactly happening? – The presence of technology, overly-protective parenting, or the exam-factory kind of schooling is one understood answer. Another factor brought up by various psychologists around the world as a cause of stress and anxiety, is the luxury, too much of choice.

Song That Reduces Anxiety

A London based psychologist, Peter Kruger, says that the people who have more choices become more resilient. This is mainly because, people get to blame life and others for the wrong choices they make, and not themselves. If we take the example of ourselves in this present era, decision making can feel more like a type of paralysis.

Take the example of a pair of shoes, we will feel exhausted at the end of the day with information overload. Since the shopping venture will give plenty of options to choose from – resulting in nothing but anxiety.

Technology also adds into the increase in stress and anxiety. As far as millennials are concerned, they feel exposed without their smartphone – are rarely without them – mobile gadgets for them are their windows to the outside world that provide them with a sense of connectedness. But this entire process has a dark side – the need to stay on top of what others are doing on social media – otherwise will be termed as FOMO (Fear of Missing Out).

Kruger says:

“FOMO is very real and can be a constant addiction that affects anxiety levels and a general sense of wellbeing.”

Social media allows us to compare everything — relationships, diet, figure, beauty, wealth, the standard of living — not only with our friends, but with celebrities too. And, as research has shown, time on social media “can cause depression in people who compare themselves with others.”

Besides controlling our connection and exposure to the social media world, neuroscience has found that listening to music is the best way for depression treatment or for stress management. And have found/created a song that reduces anxiety to a greater level.

Creation of a Song That Reduces Anxiety

Research was conducted at Mindlab International, U.K., where studies were taking place to understand the kind of music that can prove to be the most relaxing music for stress management. The study was based on a solving puzzle that could trigger stress – while connected to sensors. During this test, the participants were asked to listen to a number of songs, while their brain activity, heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing rate was measured.

The results were similar – the song “Weightless” – showed a striking 65 percent reduction in the anxiety level of the participants, and a 35 percent decrease in the usual physiological levels.

The song by Marconi Union, the musician was specifically designed for inducing highly relaxed state. This was a result of teaming up with sound therapists for arranging harmonies, bass lines and rhythms – slowing down of heart rate and blood pressure.

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