Abrar ul Haq’s new song Chamkeeli which was released on December 7, has come under fire. A lawyer filed a petition against the singer in Lahore Civil Court saying, the song is disrespectful & humiliating for men.

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The new wedding season song features gorgeous Mehwish Hayat, as a bold bride and Shahveer Jaffery, as a confused groom.

In track video, Mehwish can be seen arriving wedding destination with Barat and Band Baja. Shahveer on the other hand, is portrayed as a nervous groom waiting for Barat. Traditionally a groom would come with Band, Baja Barat & a bride will sit nervously waiting for her partner.

The lyrics of the song were also reversed a little. The famous lyrics from an old wedding season song “Sada chiriyan da chamba” were also reversed as “Sada kaanwan da khamba”.

Apparently, pop sensation Abrar ul Haq, whose songs have always amused listeners across the globe, has been dragged to court for his new song “Chamkeeli”.

A lawyer named Rana Adnan has filed a petition against Abrar’s new song Chamkeeli saying it disrespects & insults men. The lawyer also demanded from the court that the song should be removed from YouTube.

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The song was received with a lot of love from people as it crossed 4million milestone on YouTube in just a couple of days.

According to media reports, the court has adjourned the hearing till 20th December.

Abrar ul Haq is yet to comment on this developing story. However, he is not new to such notices.

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