Owner of ‘Barjeel Art Foundation’, an artist since 1986, Arabic & English Language Writer, member of Muslim Cultural Heritage Centre and a Muslim contributing amazingly in the world of Art – Ali Omar Ermes, born in Libya, is a well-known figure in Contemporary Islamic Artwork. He is the man that you need to know about! Living and serving in London, Ali has come a long way.

Though born in Libya, Ali Omar travelled to England to further his education. He is honoured to receive his diploma in Design from the Plymouth School of Art and Design.  After completing his education, he returned to Libya and headed the Visual Arts section of All Arts Magazine. Moreover, during his stay in Libya, he did extensive travelling, research and writing. After getting enough and required wisdom he came back to England and lives there till date.

Islamic artwork

He started his journey as an artist but today he is also recognized as a Writer for various Arabic and English Magazines like Q News (British Newspaper) and Al Quds Al Arabi (Arabic Newspaper); he is a public speaker and contributed his thoughts on various topics and discussions relating Muslim Community. Salam Planet is a platform, meant for promoting Muslim personalities and their roles in building up societies. To keep up with our commitment, we did thorough research on the legend and came up with this article, so that more people can come to know our hidden gems!

Ali Omar Ermes: Personality And Contributions!

He paints on large canvases; uses letterforms, Arab/Islamic poetry & prose and uses them as a comment on human values such as peace, human rights, justice, environment, and other important matters. This makes his work unique from the rest. If you visit the official website of the artist, you will find several categories for different genres of his Artwork. We will add some of them here to highlight the magnificence of his work, have a look:

The Words That You See Are ‘Seen, Sheen, Ssaad And Dhad’ And The Poetry Is By Al Motannabbi!

Islamic artwork

The poetry says: ‘Before a merit can be given to physical courage, there is the first and foremost which is the courage of opinion. Therefore, if these two elements are present in a person you probably have a perfect human being. Nevertheless, we have to know what the difference is between the thoughtless beast and the considerate human. It is the intellect; it is the logic as without that, the least of beasts can uproot the human race altogether if not for their reasons.

Famously Known As ‘A Positive NO’ And The Inscription Is From Sharif Al Reda!

Islamic artwork

The positive ‘NO’ implies on staying firm against all sorts of injustices, for instance, ‘There is no God except Allah’. Moreover, the inscription says that virtues of the man remain steadfast in his high moral principles while being forgiving in nature and so becomes a subject of envy. The inscriptions on Ali Omar Ermes’ artwork is jaw-dropping but the way he combines the letters and values is applaudable and at the same time speechless!

The Blue ‘Haa’ And The Poem By Antar Ben Shadad!

Islamic artwork

Antar Ben Shadad was a famous warrior-poet who was known mostly for his love story with Ablah and his Courage and Chivalry. He through his poem is preaching calmness in times of despair and hopelessness. Who would have beautifully presented the poem than Ali Omar!

These were just a few of Ali Omar Ermes’s masterpieces. Here is a lot more and is waiting for you to explore. Apart from Ali Omar, there are hundreds of prominent Muslims participating in building up society and promoting the message of Islam in a positive and thought-provoking way, all that is required of you is to search for them and spread.

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