Urwa Hocane and Farhan Saeed are reportedly parting ways after four years of marriage. The couple’s intimate wedding ruled the social media for weeks while their photoshoots have often been the talk of the town.

However, the news of the celebrity couple separating broke the internet yesterday and fans are in a state of shock.

urwa & farhan

Pakistanis were all heartbroken after the separation of previously known love birds, ‘Syra and Shahroz,’ and now another heart throbbing couple is allegedly separating. Unconfirmed, but the news of the stars Urwa Hocane and Farhan Saeed setting apart has stirred a wave of panic all across the social media. The reaction coming from netizens was highly expected because seemingly, the couple looked quite compatible and happy to the social media world but who knows what’s been cooking behind the smokescreen.

The darling duo of Urwa Hocane and Farhan Saeed had set a trend for the young celebrity couples to get happily married and pursue their careers side by side. Their fans rejoiced the endearing combination of a singer and an actress getting hitched together.

The social media news agencies have always been fast to cover any news related to the real-life favorite couple of Pakistan entertainment industry since their marriage in 2016. Both were seen arranging mind-blowing photoshoots on their anniversaries and birthdays. The two had set bars high with their glamorous lifestyle serving major couple goals to many.

Farhan Saeed birthday

Their chemistry has always been a delight to the sight which however now seems shaky after the bad news got revealed.

Did Urwa Hocane Give us a Hint?!

Well, it is surprising how Urwa hinted us and said, if Farhan wants to remarry, she will remain silent.

She further added that if her husband is remarrying, she would not stop him from doing so, saying she would remain silent on his second marriage.

What Could be the Reason?

According to a credible media source, the couple has been facing some differences, however, official statements from any of the two is yet to be made. But in case, the new is true, that would be counted as another heartbreaking news of the dark year 2020 coming from the Pakistan showbiz industry.

Is There Any Hope?

The good news is neither Urwa Hocane nor Farhan Saeed has deleted each other’s pictures from their Instagram and are still following each other. Meanwhile Urwa Hocane’s father has currently corrected a fan commenting on Urwa’s post that ‘they are still together and living happily. We hope your faith is restored for now.

Let’s all hope that these are just rumors and the adorable couple is still together.

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