Current Australian bushfires have caused massive damage to animal life living on the island. Similarly, millions of acres of land are burned & hundreds of people left on the streets. However, in such great turmoil, we have found heroes in our lines as well.

Muslim community cooked meals for firefighters whilst they tackled deadly Australian bushfires:


A group of Muslim women traveled on trucks filled with food to help firefighters continue their struggle against natures furry.

The members of Islamic society named “Australian Islamic Center” cooked meals for firefighters tackling bushfires.

With the help of UNILAD & Human Appeal International – Australia, the community worked almost 20 hours continuous to prepare food for heavily tired rescue services & families stuck outside their homes.

5 trucks load of donations were also delivered for emergency services:


Currently ongoing are some of the worst wildfires in Australian history and the world definitely needs heroes. So, the Muslim community in the suburbs of Melbourne decided to do something about this.

Along with the help of Human Appeal International Australia & UNILAD, the group asked for donations from the public. In just 48 hours of time, 5 trucks load of donations was collected.

A group of Muslim women drove trucks for 4 continuous hours to bring the donations for emergency & rescue services.

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