All the true biryani lovers know that Lahore and Biryani is the best marriage that has happened to date, the two are just super-super natural. With our without aloo, the rice magic is cooked in a myriad of ways such as Mughlai Biryani, Hyderabadi Biryani, Bombay Biryani, Sindhi Biryani, etc.

So here we are, calling all the die-hard biryani fans to pick from the best biryani in Lahore at their service:

Biryani Express, Gulberg Branch

Biryani express - best biryani in lahore

Biryani Express is casually the first choice when the craving for Biryani excites the taste buds. Currently, the fast-growing chain has around 30 outlets in Lahore, each one of them delivering quality food with a tempting taste. So, you already must be having the best biryani in Lahore somewhere around you. The biryani experts offer multiple biryani options, including chicken, mutton, Mughlai, and Sindhi biryanis. We bet, the aromatic feeling of biryani will leave your mouth watering, and once the spoonful of flavor-loaded biryani hits your tongue, you will be in the sky!

You are served with salad, raita, and cold drinks to enhance your ultimate biryani experience. You can get a delicious Biryani Express meal for only Rs. 59. Shocked? you should be!

Biryani King Barkat Market, Garden Town

Best biryani in lahore with discount

Biryani King is one of the finest biryani spots in Lahore. Besides serving its Lahore-famous traditional biryani, Biryani King is also skilled in creating variations of both western and eastern food. You can enjoy your flavor-rich and pocket-friendly biryani in a very comfortable ambiance. Thus, if you are craving Biryani and your friend wants something western then Biryani King could be the most preferable choice. Well well, did we tell you that Salam Planet and Biryani King are offering incredible food deals together? YES! You can get tasty regular biryani, raita, salad not in Rs. 260 but in Rs. 150 ONLY!  So, order now, and make your tummy happy!

Student Biryani

Student Biryani has been the easiest option for Biryani lovers in the region of crazy foodies. The biryani maestro serves you with mouth-watering biryani featuring a spicy Shami kebab. You can both enjoy dine-in and delivery with the same quality and taste. The flagship outlet of Student biryani is located in Lahore’s classic Fortress Stadium.

Waqas Biryani


Waqas Biryani is truly praised for its unique yet traditional biryani taste. The biryani can be recognized anywhere with its strong aroma and rich flavor. No wonder, Waqas biryani continues to enjoy the title of the most loved biryani in Lahore.

Nova Biryani

best biryani in lahore

Nova biryani takes you right in the Lahori feels with its very traditional flavors. They are known to hand-pick spices and vegetables for the most luscious biryani ever. Moreover, their way of packing biryani ensures customers of the biryani’s hygiene. Nova biryani can be found in Barkat Market, Garden Town, and Main Market. Undoubtedly, the best biryani for the true Lahori’s!

Karachi Biryani

best biryani in lahore

Karachi Biryani is perfect for the crazy Sindhi biryani fans. They not only offer unmatchable taste but also very budget-friendly prices for you to enjoy the Sindhi flavors that you might have been missing for some time. Well, in case you are not in the mood to cook routine meals, then Karachi Sindhi biryani could be the best option because the outlets are located everywhere around the city including Barkat Market, Johar Town, Faisal Town, Wapda Town, and Main market.

Lasani Biryani

Lasani biryani lahore

Located in the Firdous market, Gulberg,  Lasani Biryani is inspired by the Lasani taste and is counted as one of the best biryani in Lahore. Their expert cooking, serving size, and presentation, cater to fulfill your biryani desires the right way. It has only one branch in Lahore which is almost always found stacked with Lahori biryani lovers.

Lazzat Kada

Lazzat Kadah’s biryani is the highlight of Anarkali Bazaar. After you get tired of shopping and your hunger pangs begin to make noise then make your way to Lazzat Kadah for a promising biryani experience. What makes Lazzat Kadah different is the unique mutton and palak fusion which make the taste exceptionally nice that too at a very cheap price.

Andaaz Resturant

Biryani lovers often refer Andaaz Restaurant as the ‘people’s place’ offering the best biryani in Lahore. Located in the heart of the walled city, Lahore, the desi restaurant serves various desi delicacies and biryanis under the headship of Chef Ahmed Chema. For a better experience, visit during less busy hours and enjoy your favorite biryani with the enchanting sight of Badshahi Masjid.

Biryani Hut

best biryani in lahore

Biryani Hut is another biryani joint in the city of Lahore. It is a nice spot to enjoy tempting flavors with the company of friends n’ family. You can enjoy lazeez biryani at a very reasonable price.

Monal Restaurant

The popular rooftop restaurant in Gulberg, Lahore, Monal is known for its versatility and ambiance also takes the share of serving the finest biryani in Lahore. With the expertise of international chefs, the restaurant serves well-cooked and savory Biryani. For a perfect high-end yet traditional touch to your food choices, Monal Restaurant could be a good choice for your biryani cravings.

So, do not rush, and pick any of the above-mentioned best biryani in Lahore and enjoy your foodie-biryani moment!

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