Hyper casual games are the best way to lay off all the tensions and give your mind some refreshment in this busy world. Salam Planet’s gaming zone features a great list of some very popular casual mobile games that you can play without the need to install.

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Here are our user voted best hyper casual mobile games for 2019:


Cricket hyper casual game

Are you a cricket fan? This best hyper casual cricket game will surely get yourself addicted to it.

Gold Digger:

Gold Digger casual game

Voted as second best by our users, Gold Digger is a game that lets you find hidden gems and precious metals as you dig through the ground.

Basket Ball:

Basketball game

Are you a basket-ball player? How much skilled are you in hoop shooting? This basket-ball hyper casual mobile game in Salam Planet lets you practice hoop shooting skills like never before.

Mahjong – The best hyper casual tile game:

The ultimate tile game that originated from China has got everyone. Salam Planet brings the best of Mahjong game, can you beat our star Player Iqrisha Arshad in this ultimate match game?

Beat her now & get the best of reward.

Miner Jump:

Miner Jump best hyper casual game

How far can you go escaping the wild creatures trying to catch you. All you can do is jump and climb as far as you can in this classic hyper casual game, miner jump.

Candy Blocks:

This amazing game puts your analytical skills to the test? Can you fit all the candy blocks filling the weird shapes? The game becomes challenging as you clear the levels, our gamer A-U Jutt has cleared 31 levels with his brilliant mind, can you challenge him?

 Smashed Zombies:

Smashed zombies

The world is at stake, you are the last man standing, do your duty and smash all the zombies coming towards yourself.

Smashed Zombies is an ultimate mind relaxing & ambition game.

Super Balls:

Super balls on salam planet

Smash all the blocks before these can crush you under the weight. In minimum of the throws you have to make all the numbers ZERO. Every ball throw destroys a number of boxes that are numbered.

Guns & Bottles:

Guns & bottles

For some reason Bottles and guns are on war with each other. Be rest assured, Guns are on the right side, pickup your gun and smash as much bottles as you can. Be advised you only have a limited number of bullets, so make sure every fire result in a hit.

Knife Spin:

knife spin - hyper game

How good are you at throwing? Never miss a knife throw as you have limited number of knives available. Knife Spin is the best relaxing and fun game during free time.

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