There is nothing more sacred to Muslims than the Holy Quran. Quran is the ultimate source of guidance for the Muslims and reading and listening to Quran is an integral part of Muslim Faith. However, as technology has advanced and apps now have a great influence on our lives, there is a dire need of a Quran app that makes Quran recitation, reading & learning easy for the millennials.

Sensing the critical need of an online platform that could help Millennials and Generation Z Muslims with their spiritual learning; a group of visionary Muslim IT professionals have launched an ultimate Muslim lifestyle application going under the name – Salam Planet.

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An Ultimate Quran App that features everything:

Quran Recitation – Listen Quran from the Top Qaaris

Listen Quran in voice of famous Qaaris

Reading Quran while you are travelling or working can be difficult, which is why we have included a Quran recitation feature. This means that you can listen to Quran on-the-go. Moreover, you can choose between multiple Qaris and pick the one you like the most. Currently we are featuring 6 of the most renowned and soulful award winning Qaris that include;

  1. Qari Abd Al-Basit (Titles: The Golden Throat; Voice of Mecca)
  2. Qari Abdurrahman As-Sudais (Islamic Personality Of the Year 2005)
  3. Qari Abu Bakr Ash-Shatri
  4. Qari hussary (Title: Scholar of the Reciting Schools)
  5. Qari Minshawi Murattal
  6. Qari Abdullah Basfar

Authentic Translations (50+ languages), Tafseers and Tashreehs

Best Quran app with Translations

Salam planet is a wholesome Quran learning app. Our purpose is not just to make Quran reading and learning easy but also make it easy for you to understand the message of Quran. We are also offering Quran translation in dozens of languages. We also understand the sensitivity that is involved in translation, which is why we are offering translations purely from authentic sources; the ones that have been endorsed by top Islamic institutions of the world. We are also offering Tafseer and Tashreeh in multiple languages by renowned scholars so that you can discover and interpret the message of Quran.

Clear Arabic Text – Consistent and Coherent Arabic Manuscript

Traslation & clear arabic text

Quran is a gift that Almighty Allah has bestowed upon us and are words from Almighty itself so it is important that we read Quran with attentiveness and mindfulness. The Quran by Salam Planet brings you clear and coherent Quranic text with enhanced readability so that you just don’t skim through the text but absorb the verses fully in your soul. Diacritics is the beauty of Quran and considering its importance, our Quran manuscript includes clear and definite diacritics so that it’s easy for you spell each word correctly and thoroughly.

Bookmarks so that you don’t get lost between the Chapters

Best Quran app with Bookmarks

It can take weeks and months to finish Quran. One mostly reads Qurans in short chunks daily so there are fair chances that you might get lost finding out where you left in your last session. Quran by Salam planet has addressed this issue and automatically bookmarks the last page that you were reading each time you quit a session. When you want to re-continue, you can go to the bookmark section and start reading from your left. You can also bookmark your favorite Surah so that you can get to them quickly without any inconvenience.

Offline Quran – Read & Listen Quran Without Internet

The best part of our Quran app is that you don’t necessarily have to be online each time you want to listen or read. You can simply download the whole Quran and read anytime, anywhere at your convenience. Offline Quran removes all the connectivity hassles and gives you totally liberty to listen and read Quran anytime you feel like.

Night Mode

Night Mode

Reading text from the screen while you are in bed with lights out can be a big problem. We have introduced Night Mode which makes it easy for you read verses from the screen during nights or when you are in bed.

SalamPlanet is a Muslim lifestyle app designed for modern day contemporary Muslims. The app offers a myriad of features including Quran, Hadith, Mosque locator, Qibla direction, spirituality and much more.

The most prominent feature of the app is Quran reading and listening online and offline. It is a rich and sophisticated Quran’ learning system developed with a vision of bringing Quran in our daily lives.

We are proud to say that our Quran App has received good reviews from the audience. If you are looking for the best Quran app download Salam Planet now.

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