February was once the only month of celebrating love. But you know that isn’t true, right? Love has no time, place, and reason to happen! At least, SalamPlanet believes it otherwise. Nevertheless, there’s a belief since older days, and seems to get strong by time with a slight change: ‘food is the way to a man’s heart, and it’s the way to woman’s heart’ as well. Knowing where to take your special one on a day when you want to, to feel loved can be the key to strengthen the bond even more. Take the help of our love expert’s best restaurants in Lahore for couples guide – you’ll love them!

Best Restaurants in Lahore for Couples to Celebrate Love Extravagantly

So, the list of restaurants in Lahore that can help you develop a tasteful bond between the two of you is as follows:

Faletti’s L’auberge

best restaurants in lahore

Topping the list of best restaurants in Lahore for Couples is Flattei’s: the oldest colonial period hotel in Lahore. This place has a beautifully designed architecture and is renowned for the love it has put in the structure. Faletti’s L’auberge is a Lebanese restaurant and while it makes a perfect restaurant for couples to dine in because of the ambiance and service,

their food is also commendable which includes; mixed grilled plater. The grilled fish and grilled chops burst with flavours on their own, but when combining it with hummus and meat stuffed pittas called arayes, you’re giving it all you can in a foodie relationship.

Covo at Pearl Continental

list of restaurants in lahore

The second best restaurant in Lahore for couples is matched by Covo. The tasteful lavishness of Italian food is merged with the authenticity and remarkability of Italian Chefs.

Whether it’s a Neapolitan pizza, the decadent Fettuccine Alfredo or al dente pasta touched with the blush of a sauce. Plan your dinner with the loved one at Covo and tell us about your feedback.

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Jason’s Steakhouse at Pearl Continental

restaurants in lahore with cabins

We all know about the steakhouses and their mouth-watering steak creations, but Jason’s Steakhouse at Pearl Continental is an upscaled and extravagant version of almost all of them.

And this third best is not one of the cheap restaurants in Lahore, rather it’s fancy and may just add to a dent in your monthly budget. But, how can you call dinner or your loved one special if you don’t have it celebrated in a special way?

The Cube by Nishat

separate cabin restaurants in lahore

When you are unable to decide on the kind of food you want to dine in with that one special person, always choose a place that offers a variety of food and does not limit the options. The Cube by Nishat does wonders when it comes to inspiring people, be it the clothing line, building structures’, or even this restaurant.

Nestled in the heart of the city, The Cube offers a sophisticated atmosphere and ample of options- perhaps too many options for a perfect couple dinner. If something doesn’t work well for a complete dinner, a dessert, in the end, may add to perfecting the meal.

Fuchsia Kitchen

Fuchsia Kitchen

Fuchsia Kitchen started off from Karachi, and after a phenomenal success, it has added value to the list of restaurants in Lahore for the couple. Moreover, the restaurant has personalized its appeal in Lahore with an improvised menu.

Fuchsia is predominantly a Thai eatery, but it also offers Pan-Asian cuisine. Moreover, the couples searching for separate cabin restaurants in Lahore can consider Fuchsia as the extravagance addition to this list as it offers plenty of privacy. Let your love one be treated with the chocolate wontons, some green tea, and ice cream later.

Lakhnavi at Avari

Lakhnavi at Avari best restaurants in lahore

Lakhnavi at Avari is sure to treat you and your partner with the royal offering – in the form of food, service, and ambiance. The Shahi dastarkhawan has Mughlai cuisine with Lakhnavi touches; use of rich ingredients as rose petals, saffron, cardamoms, and nuts. If the food that is robust and distinctive in taste and appeal is your choice, then Lakhnavi is the perfect choice with perfectly portioned thalis.

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Cafe Aylanto

cafe aylanto best restaurants in lahore

Aylanto is a name well known to all those who love a sprinkle of lavishness to anything life offers. It has been a staple with not even a slight change to the repute and quality over all these years. It stands strong in the list of best restaurants in Lahore: not just for couples but for anyone who wants to taste life in a fancy way.

Celebrate the time with your loved one by getting the utensils personalized and engraved with his/her name and order their Beef Entrecote or Steak Bearnaise. If you prefer chicken for food then the delicious Moroccan Chicken is a must-have.

Que Rico

que rico cafe aylanto best restaurants in lahore

Que Rico is only and the newest Spanish eatery in the list of restaurants in Lahore. Lifestyle Wanderlust is not yet certain for the remarkability of this place in all choices, but yes it stands well in the list of meat choices; duck, ostrich, and mussels. The restaurant with absolute décor and Paella is the perfect match for a sweet couple dine out after all Spanish food adds to love and romance automatically. Oh, and let’s not comment on the desserts for now

Scafé Bistro by SCAFA

Scafé Bistro by SCAFA best restaurants in lahore

If you want to do something over the top, treat your date with an interactive seven-course culinary experience at Scafé prepared and plated in front of you by the chefs at SCAFA, Lahore’s School of Culinary and Finishing Arts.

The food is amazing and you can actually see the efforts of the chef creating everything. Be warned though- your wallet may feel assaulted by the end. Also, the ambiance is top-notch. It’s a place that SalamPlanet personally favors for being as the best restaurant in Lahore for couples.

Gai’a Japanese Fusion

Gai’a Japanese Fusion best restaurants in lahore

Gai’a’s sleek interior momentarily transports you to an upscale lounge in the west. The ambiance is a cultured alternative to the clubbing scene of any bubbling metropolis. The booths are intimate and cozy and provide the perfect setting for a romantic dinner for two.

So if you ever wanted separate cabin restaurants in Lahore with the perfect atmosphere, then this is the place. The portion size of the food, however, might leave you discontented. Gai’a specializes in Japanese cuisine and offers a delectable selection of desserts.

X2 Pan Asian Dining

X2 Pan Asia best restaurants in lahore

A restaurant that can lighten up your heart even brighter with food and ambiance that’s promising. X2 Pan Asian Dining is not last on this list because of the quality or liking, but because it’s more like the oldest of the ones mentioned above – still holding the repute.

X2 serves up utterly delicious and top-notch food with outstanding service. The food is delectable, varied, beautifully presented, plentiful, bursting with exciting flavors and texture, and the entire menu was superb from start to finish. This is a personal love, in terms of everything!

It feels good to see love spreading! Choose the dine-in place from our list for the best restaurants in Lahore for couples and once you experience the place, do give us your feedback!

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