Pakistan Royal Visit: Following footsteps, Outfit choice, to the Urdu Speech – Kate & William Touched Hearts

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Britain’s Prince William and Kate Middleton, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, arrived to Islamabad on October 14th on a five-day Royal visit to Pakistan, which aimed on improving ties between the two countries. The couple disembarked from the British Royal Air Force plane, after an eight-hour flight, at about 9.30pm at Nur Khan airbase [...]

EVO Tournament 2019: Arslan Ash Siddiqui wins Tekken 7!

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It is always a moment of extreme joy when out of nowhere, the world comes to know of young talent excelling and leaving winners behind. The best part of all the event is when these young talents have a strong belief in Almighty that first thing, they do is prostrate before their Lord! Salam Planet promotes [...]

Creative Ideas – International Friendship Day 2019

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Friends have a special place in our hearts. What we cannot share with our family, we share with our friends. They help us through thick and thin and always prove to be the great source of comfort, support and fun. Let’s all celebrate International friendship day 2019 like the way it should be celebrated. Salam Planet [...]

18th Lux Style Awards 2019: From Proposals to Winners

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Well, well! According to the sources, the Lux Style Awards’ has been a massive success in providing all the entertainment that was demanded by the audience and critics. Though, the actual show has some time to get to your television sets, the interesting pointers of the eve have already become a trend. We did not [...]

Avengers Endgame Is Re-Releasing With New Surprises For The Fans!

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There are a few movies that get to stay with our lives for a long period of time. The reason being their individuality, excellent direction, classic storyline, an amazing cast. Marvel Studios has always been blessing the audience with their extraordinary, out-of-the-box movies and Avengers Endgame Re-releasing is the proof that viewers’ response to the [...]

Truck Art Gets a New ‘Moving’ message

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This however has changed to a whole new perspective. Truck art was never just pretty pictures. It tells you what the owner believes and that, by extension, tells you how people think in society. Artisans paint, fighters, landscapes, military dictators, sexy women, Tablighi messages. The art was mostly about the male gaze. These images showed [...]