History and Significance of Muharram!

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Islam is a rich religion, rich in terms of history and prominent figures. Even the months in Islam holds specific purpose and importance especially attributed to the sacred months. As a Muslim Lifestyle App, it is our duty to bring informative and non-biased articles for the users so that they can enhance their knowledge and [...]

Hazrat Umar Bin Khattab: The Companion of Holy Prophet (Saww)

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Hazrat Umar (RA) was one of the powerful and influential Muslim Caliphs in the history of Islam. He belonged from Quraish Tribe of Banu Adi tribe and was born in the year 584 in Mecca, Arabia. His father name was Khattab Ibn Nufayl. He is thirteen years younger than the Holy Prophet (saww). He [...]

Muharram is The Month of Allah SWT!

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Muharram 2019 (1440 Hijri) has just begun! Based on the lunar Hijri calendar, Muharram is the first month of the Islamic New Year and is considered a holy month, second only to Ramadan in its significance. Muharram is also known as the month of Allah (SWT). “The year is of twelve months, out of which four months [...]

Imam Hussain – The Grandson of Holy Prophet (Saww)

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Imam Hussain (RA) is the second grandson of Holy Prophet (Saww), son of Bibi Fatima (RA) and Hazrat Ali (RA). He is the third Imam in line while Imam Ali, the first and Imam Hassan as the second Imam for the believers. Since Imam was born in the time of Hazrat Muhammad (Saww) he was [...]

What is Bidah In Islam – The Concept and Guide on How to avoid it?

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What do you understand by the terminology ‘Bidah’? There may be different interpretations of the word but the literal meaning remains the same. The word roots from the word Al Badah which means creating something new which does not exist in first place. Another meaning states that innovation is specifically related to customs, actions [...]

How to overcome Anxiety, Depression, Grief and Sorrow as Per Islamic Teachings?

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We often come across sayings like ‘Sadness is Shayatan’s doing’, ‘a believer is never sad’ and ‘why are you sad?’ such remarks are mere words and do not help when there is need of practical, logical and rational implementation. There is no doubt, cure for everything, it’s just that we are not aware of it at [...]

Beautiful Quranic Verses On Love

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Love is something that cannot be described in mere words. Words have the power to communicate, but the wrong selection of words can lead to the destruction of families, one’s soul and generations. Therefore, to capture a heart, the words can only play a significant role if one can feel real and pure [...]

Do You Know Surah Baqarah Last 2 Ayat Benefits?

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Quran is a spiritual book, containing guidance for mankind. Every verse is meaningful and is light for Muslims going through dark times. Revealed on the last Prophet Muhammad (Saww), the Quran is ultimate guidance for Muslims in every corner of the world. Each line of the Quran is unique and has immense importance. Not [...]

‘The Kaaba Facts’ That Needs Your Attention

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Every religion has something that is most sacred to its followers. This is essential for any religion to survive and keep its wisdom alive. Islam is a unique religion in the sense that its teachings have been the same since day one! The Holy Book (Quran), The Holy Sites (Kaaba, Masjid al-Har’am, and others) and [...]

Why Is The Kaaba Important For Muslims All Over the World?

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Kaaba, meaning a cube in the Arabic language is the site of worship for millions of Muslims around the world. Hajj is obligatory upon all able-bodied Muslims to perform and without performing a tawaf around Kaaba, the pilgrimage isn’t considered valid. This is JUST ONE of many significances of Kaaba. Why is the Kaaba important? [...]

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