Travel Guide From Lahore to Kumrat Valley, a Fairyland on Earth

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Is your adventurous spirit always down for new things and destinations? Then this is the ultimate Lahore to Kumrat valley travel guide. Often described as a ‘fairyland,’  Kumrat is an adventure in itself offering epic tall mountains, ghastly rapid rivers, and moonlit waterfalls. The faraway valley was most famous among the local KPK tourists, [...]

Top places to visit in Islamabad in 2020

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2019 is moving towards its end and honestly it has been another great year for the city of Islamabad. Not only that the city hosted hundreds and thousands of local and foreign tourists, but it also got featured in the Netflix’s most popular show of 2019, “Money Heist”. Here's the list of top & [...]

What Does A Travel Insurance Cover? Find Here!

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Travelling is fun and we cannot wait to go on the trip that we have been planning all our life. What does your checklist include? Packing your favourite clothes for the tour, preparing your friends ready, buying the finest shoes and travel bags; but does your checklist include Travel Insurance? If no, then it is [...]

What Is The Cheapest Time To Fly To London?

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Okay so, you have made up your mind to go to London and everything is done accordingly. All you need to do is find the cheapest time to fly to London. You may see a lot of advertisements in the newspapers and on the newsfeed, but how to know if they really are not expensive [...]

15 Most Beautiful Natural Waterfalls of Pakistan

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There’s no denying to what Pakistan has to offer – every city is a splendid masterpiece of its own kind. Pakistan is bestowed with breathtaking beauty and nature. The calm and bubbling rivers of Punjab, stunning valleys of Naran, sun-kissed beaches of Sindh, beautiful lakes of Balochistan and the wonderful mountain ranges, and another glorious [...]

Best Holiday Destinations in The World – SP World Travel Guide 2020

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Salam Planets world travel guide 2020!!! We all understand how the daily routines can take a toll even the most resilient of us. The year 2020 should not be just like any other year, and instead, your lookout should be for the best holiday destination in the world. Why not travel to either of the [...]

The Most Beautiful Places in Pakistan to Visit in 2020

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Natural beauty is an attraction for the soul and mind. Thousands of people travel to the world in search of nature, where Pakistan is one land that has beauty and nature blended into lands and seasons. The list for most beautiful places in Pakistan never seems to shorten; Kashmir is one site that no one [...]

Best Outing Places in Lahore for a Day Trip

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If you’ve lived in Lahore and you haven’t explored the outing places in Lahore… You actually need to start questioning yourself! Although it’s not the capital of the country, it boasts living, culture, tradition, and food of entire Pakistan. And even if you have a single day to make the most out of your plan, [...]

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