Okay so, you have made up your mind to go to London and everything is done accordingly. All you need to do is find the cheapest time to fly to London. You may see a lot of advertisements in the newspapers and on the newsfeed, but how to know if they really are not expensive and genuine at the same time? Well, this is Salam Planet’s task to help you out with the important stuff! To get you through this phase, we have listed down a few major questions along with their answers so that at the end of this blog, you will be crystal clear on what to do next! Read the article thoroughly and let us know your queries (If any).

Before going into details, to give a sneak peek into the whole discussion; London in Spring offers the countryside at its greenest, its autumn brings the bright colours of the northern moorlands, London’s summer warmer weather gives rise to the many outdoor music and theater festivals, but it is the winter that offers savings across the board! So, if you are looking forward to knowing Britons normal day-to-day routine and also save money at the same time, then visit the city in winters.

When Is The Cheapest Time To Fly To London?

Once, you have decided on the motive of your visit and how you will be spending your days in the city, it is time to find out the best time when you can fly to London. What most of us do is ask around people in our circle about their experience and suggestion, see advertisements on the newsfeed, or just listen to their hearts and jump on the plane! (Listening to the heart may not always lead to greater destinations)

London In Off Season

cheapest time to fly to London

The cheapest time to fly to Britain is during the off-season. If your plan lies between the dates (November 1 – December 12 & December 25 – March 14), then you are on the side and there is a lot of chances of saving money. One thing should be kept in mind that Britain does not close if the tourists leave, so if you think that you may be missing a lot of opportunities by not going during the peak season then you are mistaken. There is so much to explore in the historic, fun-loving, forever lively city than you can imagine.

London In Peak Season

cheapest time to fly to London

The time when rates are more likely to increase is between March 14 and June 5. And they hit their peak rates between June 6 and September 30, when tourists spur in the city. So, besides the higher prices, you will deal with crowds and limited availability of accommodations.

London, when categorized according to weather, it has so many options on its end for the visitors to decide their vacation time accordingly. The city is alive throughout the year, offering different activities in all its weather; never being called ‘lazy’ by anyone which makes it the most attractive tourist spot for everyone around the globe. However, if you will be visiting London with a family, no need to worry as there are a lot of fun things to with toddlers in London, keeping all entertained and occupied.

Flight Rates

If we now talk about flight fares, weekday flights are cheaper than the weekend fares by around 10% or more. So, the best time to book a flight to London lies in this time phase. If you have yet to book a flight, change it to weekday instead of the weekend. But if you have already booked, then we are sorry, you should have read our article on time. Booking flights in December as compare to April/May has the margin of around 13%, for instance, the normal ticket fare in peak seasons goes up to between $700-$800, whereas the same ticket can cost you around $500-$600 during off season. The money that you save from here can be utilized somewhere else on your vacation.

When Is The Best Time To Book A Flight?

If you ask your mother, she would ask you to book a flight before three months! Which technically is a good suggestion! How? Well, when you book a flight way before your actual date of departure; you have more chances of getting the best airlines and at cheapest rates. So, the ball will be in your court. What else do you need?

It depends upon the situation, if you are flexible with your tour timing then there is nothing to worry about, however, if you are visiting London for an important event, make sure you are booking flights about six to seven weeks before the actual departure. Its all about good planning! The best time to fly to London depends upon a number of factors, such as:

  • Weather
  • Off or Peak Season
  • Personal availability
  • Flight rates
  • The type of airline whose service you will be availing

Airlines That Fly To London

Cheapest time to fly to London

There are hundreds of airlines that fly to London. Airlines directly from the United Kingdom include British Airways, EasyJet, Loganair, Ryanair, Flybe, Aer Lingus, and Bmi regional flights.

Whereas, other airlines that fly to London include Eurowings, SWISS, Air France, Aurigny, SAS, Norwegian Air International, Brussels Airlines, KLM, VLM, and others.

You can easily track your flights’ information and get alerts anytime, anywhere. Skyscanner has made it possible for you to get flights’ updates and track your flight effortlessly.

Which London Airports Are A Good Choice?

Cheapest time to fly to London

Just like there are many airlines that fly to London, London has different airport locations where you can land according to your schedule and choice. These include London City Airport, London Luton, London Gatwick, London Southend, London Heathrow, and London Stansted. It is a wise move to While planning, take airport into consideration as well.

London looks forward to tourists’ all-year round, do not think much and just stick to your plan. Finding the cheapest time to fly to London should be now off the list. A lot of adventure is waiting for you and we cannot wait for you to experience them all soon!

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