Traditional desi food places have been available in Pakistan for more than a century, but local taste is changing.

SalamPlanet has considered various reports and found that Mei Kong was the first Chinese restaurant to be introduced in Pakistan back in 1970, while China Town was established after 10 years of this start. Now with the love for this taste, you will find an extended list – more than 15 Chinese restaurants in Lahore have opened up.

Chinese has become a global cuisine and is on everyone’s list for once a week. Although Chinese cuisine has an authentic taste, but it’s uniquely and meticulously prepared with varying techniques globally. The same applies here, Pakistan has a variety of Chinese food preparation which may also include a desi touch as well and that’s totally accepted by the locals…Since that’s what appeals to the mass!

And while discussion, this idea touched SalamPlanet experts to compile a post with the best Chinese restaurants in Lahore. We know there are some that are worse and some that are excellent, and we will discuss on the later ones.

List Of The Best Chinese Restaurants In Lahore – Love Of Sticks

For the ones who start planning on every Thursday night for a good Chinese place to dine in at, here’s a list of the Chinese restaurants in Lahore where you can enjoy your favourite steaming hot dragon fire soup, munch on the crispy batter fried prawns, or enjoy the meal with Chicken Manchurian and Egg fried rice:

1) Yum Chinese & Thai

Chinese Restaurants In Lahore

Yum Chinese & Thai is a Chinese restaurant with of course Thai food as well. This place took its start from Gulberg and took over Lahore with a storm, and is now in DHA as well. Yum is known strongly for providing the finest dining options and is rated as ‘A’ among all the other Chinese restaurants in Lahore with a variable variety of cuisine.  The decor is certainly an addition to the overall appeal of this place – it’s cosy & cordial. The service is great and superbly efficient. Chinese cuisine has become the most favorite cuisine around the world, and the same is for the Lahoris since the last 50 years. Gulberg area in Lahore has seen the mushrooming of Chinese restaurants since the last few years.

2) Mandarin Kitchen

Chinese Restaurants In Lahore

The food quality of Mandarin kitchen is definitely the reason for the huge fan following and, is also a result of the expert chefs handling the kitchen. The price can go on the high side but even if the cost is more, the food, ambiance, and quality is worth every penny you pay. For a clearer view of chefs expertise in the kitchen, choose to dine in on the ground floor – the kitchen is a just a glass wall away.

The must-try Chinese food from Mandarin includes Fried Calamari, Kung Pao Chicken and Mongolian Beef.

3) X2 Pan Asian

Chinese Restaurants In Lahore

X2 Pan Asian took a start right after YUM – the second major addition to contemporary Chinese dining and another remarkable addition to the list of Chinese restaurants in Lahore. You can look up to X2 for the amazing Wasabi Prawns in ebi mayo that is a fantastic Japanese appetizer dip. Here at X2 the tiger prawns are tossed into the sauce before being served on the table. You can enjoy the sweetness and saltiness of the sauce and batter at the same time, and believe us there’s nothing like it.

Another very favourite item on their menu is the Beef Chili Dry with X2’s Egg-Fried Rice and their classic Mint Margarita. Those that love beef chili dry, will need to visit X2 for the amazing beef and the rice that come along with the gravy.

4) Dynasty @ Avari

Best Chinese Restaurants In Lahore

Dynasty becomes a high scoring name when it comes to speaking of old and typical Chinese restaurant. And sometimes it’s the old vibes that we seek in finding a new restaurant or dine in place. The food, however, has always been a top-notch preference of this place and it makes Dynasty as one the best Chinese restaurants in Lahore. Dynasty provides a very flawless experience to the Chinese cuisine fans in Lahore, and mainly it’s because of the best chefs cooking Chinese food.

Their Chicken Spring Rolls are one of the best I’ve had in Lahore. Their Steamed Dumplings are another amazing part of their menu along with Twice Cooked Beef in Szechuan sauce- something you’ll want to revisit the place for.

5) NOVU Pan Asian

Chinese Restaurants In Lahore

NOVU, much like Bamboo Union, is very casual, contemporary Chinese dining. They have a couple of interesting items on their menu like their Crispy Honey Beef, Chef’s Special Chicken which is blazing hot btw, and the Juha Fish. These dishes are the major attraction of their menu and fans love this food.

In terms of the space, it’s pretty intimate and limited but the décor is very fresh and there’s even a balcony for when you want to side outside and chill with your friends. We’re hoping they can expand their space soon because accommodating a big party of people can be a difficult task. But yes, on the whole, the food is affordable and good in taste.

6) House of Chinese 

Chinese Restaurants In Lahore

A very recent Chinese restaurant, but it’s making tales of its taste and great work through foodies’ groups and suggestions. The warm wooden walls and ceiling paired with a Chinese woman’s mural are pretty darn elegant and make it an attractive place to have guests over at. The kitchen staff and servers are very attentive to every question; hence service is top-notch. In terms of menu and taste, their Chicken Tempura and Beef Chili Dry are worth a shot. The Beef Chili Dry is succulent and not too much on the spicy side, perfect with their Egg Fried Rice on the side. Worth a shot definitely!

7) The Rice Bowl

best Chinese Restaurants In Lahore

The Rice Bowl was actually one of the first restaurants that introduced the bowl system in Lahore. The entire purpose of the place and its process seems to work perfectly well for group of people with different tastes and friends who want to split the bill. The serving is also ample for filling the appetite, plus you can always order extra. The price is great and you can always choose to add tow gravies.

The Rice Bowl is perfect to be in the list of best Chinese restaurants in Lahore. Give it a try and let us know what you have to say.


Best Chinese Restaurants In Lahore

Tai pan is located at Pearl continental hotel. Soups and appetizers are the delicious way to start at Tai pan. It is the hearty meals that earn the Taipan its lofty reputation among the loyal following. Desserts hold up their end of the bargain, especially the zesty and vibrant chocolate cake. Dine in the splendour of South East Asia. Fun, fresh and surprisingly affordable, Taipan, with its exciting and enticing open show kitchen, bridges the gap between fast food and fine South East Asian dining. The delectable menu features all the region’s favourites complemented with authentic ethnic drinks, juices and desserts.

9) The Wok

Chinese Restaurants In Lahore

The Wok is will easily capture your heart at any point! They took a start with quality and is successfully maintaining the consistence since all these years. There is not a slight change in the taste of the food and quantity. You will never get bored or disappointed with the food quality. The only problem that can arise sometimes is the service, which is again based on minor flaws that can be compensated.

If you want to visit any of the Chinese restaurants in Lahore, especially Bamboo Union then remember that it can very busy during the weekend. On working days, the place stays relatively calm, and their outdoor seating arrangements are great to dine during pleasant weathers.

10) Bamboo Union

Chinese Restaurants In Lahore

Bamboo Union is a beautiful place situated right on the opposite side of the Wok (former The Rice Bowl) in Mall 1, a contemporary dining place for Chinese food in Lahore. Here, you won’t get the typical Pan Asian restaurant vibe, instead it’s a modern-contemporary and sleek restaurant. The interior is doing absolute justice to the name and the place – especially with the comfortable seating and the wrought iron lamps. Chinese dining is mostly given a dim feel, and Bamboo Union is following the same theme as well – not changing the aspect of Chinese dining.

Try their Crunchy Honey Beef with its thinly cut strips of beef, fried and then tossed generously in a honey-based sauce that is just divine. They also have one of the best Lettuce Wraps with Wok-Fried Chicken, so if you want to cut out the rice/noodle part, this would work. And also, don’t forget to check out the kid menu they have – a complete family dining place.

SalamPlanet will keep updating the list of Chinese restaurants in Lahore…But for you to stay informed, download the lifestyle app and enjoy a complete life.

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