Dirilis Ertugrul is called the Turkish Game of Thrones. It has been in Pakistani news ever since PM Imran Khan had ordered the state television to dub the drama in Urdu. The news has come now that PTV is ready to air the drama from 1st of Ramadan 2020. The drama will air everyday at 9:10 PM.

Drilis Ertugrul trailer is out now:

Pakistan Television Network has finally completed dubbing Dirilis Ertugrul in Urdu. The trailer was released today & it looks very great.

Ertugrul rose to fame after it went on Netflix. It is currently the 4th most watched drama on Netflix.

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Story of Ertugrul Ghazi:

Ertugrul is the story of the father of Osman 1, the king of Ottoman Empire. It is the story of not keeping the Ottoman empire rather, is the story when Osman’s father laid grounds for the united Islamic kingdom.

The leader of the Turk tribe Oghuz fight Mongols, Christians & Crusaders in Anatolia & lays the foundation of the greatest Muslim Ottoman Empire.

Ertugrul is not the first Turkish drama to get fame in Pakistan:

Ertugrul is not the first Turkish drama that has gone viral in Pakistan earlier, there were two dramas that were very warmly welcomed by Pakistani drama fanatics.

Ishq e Mamnoon & Fatima Gul were some of the earlier drama series that rose to fame in Pakistan.

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PM Imran & Reccapy Tayyap Erdogan join hands:

Prime Minister Imran Khan & President Recep Tayyap Erdogan both have a same idea to promote Islamic history not in the Islamic world but to whole world.

Both have also agreed to form a united state-owned English television that will be focused on Islamic history & nullifying the Islamophobia in the west.

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