2019 has been a great year for the whole of Pakistan. It was even blessed for a gamer from Pakistan, Arslan Ash who earlier won Evo Tournament Japan. Arslan Ash has now clinched the title “Esports player of the 2019” making him, family & country proud once again.

Arslan Ash who hails from Lahore is an Arcade gamer. He first stunned the world with coming from nowhere and winning Evo Tournament Japan 2019 by defeating the greats.

Arslan Ash wins EVO japan 2019

Arslan has a long list of championship titles both at national & international levels. He first started playing arcade games at the age of 11 years.

Having no idea of what he will become, Arslan progressed in his game, when there was no platform for him to train. So much so that his own family never supported him until he clinched the national level championship.

Ever since he won the title in 2019, he has been idle of all arcade gamers across the country. Also, Arslan is the first Pakistani to become the Red Bull Athlete in 2019.

The showering of blessings has not stopped even at the end of 2019, as Arslan once again stuns the world by becoming “Esports best player of the year 2019”.

Arslan clinched the title as being both fan’s poll favorite as well as ESPN’s choice.

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