Pakistan, though a developing country but not behind anyone in the race of talent! Bringing forth one of our talents – Ali Gul, a Computer Engineer graduate of BUITEMS! He has successfully created a project called ‘Eye Smart Helmet’ to help the important portion of our society yet neglected the most – Miners! A resident of small-town Sanjawi Tehsil, the genius Baloch student has been associated with Mining Industry from an early age and had a keen interest in Technology which led him to innovate a product that could become the basis of saving lives of thousands of workers. Salam Planet appreciates such effort and shares with its users the success stories to motivate and inspire the upcoming generations.

When Did The Idea Pop Up?

Eye Smart Helmet

The story began when Ali Gul’s brother; a miner, was involved in a mining accident. Luckily, he survived but not all are lucky enough to meet their families again. According to a report, the death toll number of mining accidents have crossed the terrorism-related casualties, in the past year around 172 were reportedly killed with 300 critically injured.

The pursuit to reach the greater lengths led Ali Gul to his co-founders Muhammad Azeem and Muhammad Jawaad and their supervisor Dr.Waheed Noor. Together they created the company to challenge the status quo of unsafe working conditions for miners.

The startup had been incubated in NIC Quetta where the team started their operations. The team was approached by the HEC TDF, Mr Ghulam Sarwar, who promised consistent support to them and team managed to secure a funding of Rs. 14 million which is being used for product development and production.

Eye Smart Helmet Features!

Eye Smart Helmet

Now, you may wonder what this product does? Eye Smart Helmet uses the latest technology to monitor the mine’s conditions, presence of toxic gases, explosion risks, and the location and health vitals of the miners working in a specific time.

Moreover, the startup also provides an end-to-end solution using user-friendly dashboards so that the mine-operators can monitor the activity and analyze the data to boost productivity.

Balochistan is rich with mineral resources and the government is endorsing the Mining Industry more than ever.  Though there always had been large deposits of gold, coal and other resources in the province, we lacked regulatory inadequacies. There is a need for promoting and bringing young talents with amazing ideas for the betterment of our Industries and as a result Economy of Pakistan.

A Complete Demonstration Of The Product By The Man Who Created It!

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