What is the difference between fasting and ketosis, and which diet is for whom? How to lose weight in Ramadan? Salam Planet will break down the benefits of each, similarities of each, some of the differences of each, and if you stick with this brief article, we will tell you which strategy and diet plan to choose from, depending on; what type of routine you have,  type of job you have, and the type of person you are in general along with the health conditions you have…

Here’s a basic rundown of the above mention points along with a specific closure of fasting in Ramadan, importance of fasting in Ramadan, it’s benefits medically and how you can use Ramadan fasting to induce ketosis:

Fasting vs. Keto – Your Ramadan Weight Loss Guide

Let’s take a look at the similarities between fasting and keto diet so you understand exactly what we’re looking at:

Similarities Between Fasting and Keto Diet

Which Diet is Better for Your Lifestyle

So, with ketosis your depriving your body of glucose and you actually run on fats for fuel from the food.

In fasting, you are depriving your body of food to use fats for fuel that comes from within the body

Both these directly deal with insulin, which becomes the essential point for weight loss. When we have an excess of carbohydrates, we have an increase in insulin, this insulin in increased amount turns off that burning of fats temporarily because our body goes into the storing mode and tries absorbing food. That only happens when you’re consuming carbohydrates.

On a ketogenic diet, with high protein and high fat intake, you’re not having that insulin spark, so your body is able to burn more fats.

Fasting happens in the same way, with the only possibility that there’s no insulin increase since you’re not eating at all. So, the simple action of mechanism within your body of fat-loss and weight loss with fasting is similar too.

Brain Health in Fasting and Keto Diet

ketogenic diet

Next, we’ll look at the brain health and cognitive function as this is very important when you’re on any kind of lifestyle change.

When you are trying to lose weight the last thing you want do is to lose mental clarity. Let’s look at the fasting vs. keto and compare them as far as our brain activity is concerned.

First off, Ketosis is shown to increase something that is known as ‘GABA’ (Gamma-Amino Butyric Acid). GABA promotes calmness, it helps us sleep, it’s the opposite of anxiety. So, studies have shown that ketosis increases more GABA, GABA equals the opposite of anxiety and keeps us calm. Which can allow us to feel more cognitively aware, clear and get more work done.

The ketosis has effect on Beta-Hydroxybutyrate. When we’re running on ketones for fuel, we’re utilizing these amazing things as ketones. Ketones are things like beta-hydroxybutyrate which are acting as amazing source of fuel for our brain. Our brains function better on ketones then they do on Glucose. This is how:

Ketone cross through the blood brain barriers and effect the brain in a positive way, but additionally, beta-hydroxybutyrate has shown to increase the number of mitochondria in a cell. Mitochondria is the energy power house, it’s what’s involved in a cell to release energy, when we have more energy houses within a cell, the energy output increases. In fact, most neuro disorders like Parkinson’s result from reduction in energy in brain Mitochondria.

Now, let’s look at fasting and effect of fasting on the brain:

ketogenic diet

Fasting effects, the stability of Neuronal Circuits. It simply means that it allows our brain to slow down, it regulates the right functioning of the rights parts of the brain. Now, most of you may wonder, why we want our brain to slow down as that’s something we want to do when we want to go to sleep or when we want our brain to switch off. Right?

But, actually that’s not the case. We encourage you to look at this a bit differently. If you were to have a bunch of coffee and not just one, you will have the feeling that your brain is going so fast, the stimulation that you just can’t focus on anything… That’s exactly what we don’t want! If we can control that then we get the right kind of control and our brain will function better.

If you look at this as survival or evolution stand point, it will make sense. A lot of studies have now shown that when a human body goes into any kind of starvation or long term fasting, there will be an overall reduction in the organ size, with an exception of two organs; in a male it’s the testes and the brain.

Let’s step outside the box and think how this works. Here we will look at the brain only as an example to explain the above-mentioned fact, since our brain is the main source of our functioning:

If we don’t have the brain power, we aren’t able to hunt. We aren’t able to think. It’s what makes us human. So, if we’re fasting, the good things are preserved: meaning calories that are being derived from the body will be funneled towards that direction. So that we’re thinking our best and we have the best chance of our survival.

Health Benefits of Fasting vs. Keto

Health Benefits of Fasting vs. Keto

Ketosis have shown to reduce blood pressure, shown to reduce post prandial glycemia, and have also been shown to reduce overall levels of insulin secretion. These are important as they play overall factor in reducing the inflammation within the body. Causing a marking reduction in overall inflammatory markers in the body like C-Reactive protein, interleukins 1, interleukins 6, and interleukins 15.

Fasting on the other hand has the ability to purge all the dying damaged cells. That’s exactly what we want to look at when our focus is long term. Take your immune system for an example, fasting encourages the production of white blood cells, which means it will recycle the old and damaged ones and create new ones. In fact, your whole entire immune system can reset after about 72 hours of fasting. That’s significantly longer then the intermittent fasting phase which is 16 to 20 hours. This shows what begins to happen when you step away from a little bit of eating.

In simple,

Ketosis = Health Promoting

Fasting = Regeneration

Ketosis may be a good solution for someone who is younger and looking to make their health condition better, while fasting may be good for anyone who wants to restore the entire health.

Now, if we talk about fasting in Ramadan or simply then millions of Muslims practice fasting throughout the world. And as far as Islam is concerned, The Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said:

“There are appropriate spiritual rewards for all worship and righteous action; the ultimate reward of the person who observes the fast solely for winning the pleasure of Allah is Allah Himself.”

The month of Ramadan is a period of devotion, fasting, giving, sacrifice, and self-training with the hope and intention that these practices will extend beyond this month and will stay with us throughout the year and onward. Indeed, the essence of fasting in Ramadan is spiritual. Nevertheless, there are numerous benefits of fasting in Ramadan, both spiritual and health benefits.


Health Benefits of Fasting vs. Keto

Now let’s talk about what can be more of a lifestyle or a diet.

Keto diet is all about what you eat; not eating carbohydrates and making sure you eat protein.

Fasting is all about when you eat; just the same kind of food you normally eat, just in smaller amount with a smaller window. Which makes it more of diet: you’re just changing something and doing something that you may not do it everyday but say one month in a whole year and will drive health benefits for the whole year!

In ketosis you’re making a dramatic shift, you’re committing to not eating carbohydrates because if you do, your going to be thrown out of the magical state of ketosis. Keto diet being the lifestyle and fasting being the diet.

You have to look at both differently. Even in terms of workout, if you fast you will naturally follow a Ramadan workout plan.

Is fasting for you or keto diet for you?

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