Birmingham is known for various things, one of them is that it is notorious for food. Meaning you can find a lot of options in one region. If you have recently moved into the region or want to know a new place to try different cuisine, then you have come to the right place. Halal restaurants in Birmingham were never easy to find before! Salam Planet updates its users with different categories like food & dining, travel and lifestyle so that they are up-to-date with everything interested. The following list provides precise yet to-the-point review as well as the introduction of the restaurant, have a look and select the one that best suits your needs.

15 Best Halal Restaurants In Birmingham To Try Before Anything!

So, now you have begun your search for the best halal restaurant to savour your hunger. We would ask you to hold a little bit more and check out the restaurants that we have ranked for you, these restaurants will prove to be the best choice you ever made!

1) Akbar’s

Akbar’s Halal Restaurants In Birmingham

When you hear of the name ‘Akbar’, you must casually get that someone is talking about a royal or king, which is true! Akbar was a king in the 1800s who ruled over the subcontinent and is believed to be a great personality for billions of Muslims. That was a little name information, now if we talk about the restaurant, it is a halal restaurant that you can find in Birmingham. Akbar’s is quite famous and people love its food and environment.

You can visit the restaurant: Mon-Sat (5pm – 12am); Sun (4pm – 11.30pm)

The restaurant is located at: 184 Hagley Rd, Birmingham B16 9NY, UK

2) Antep

Antep Halal Restaurants In Birmingham

According to the Antep Turkish Cuisine team, you are promised to have a memorable time! Known for its delicious Turkish food, the restaurant offers halal food by all means. You can visit the place any time you like.

You can visit the restaurant: Mon-Sun (12pm – 11pm)

The restaurant is located at: 368 370 Ladypool Rd, Birmingham B12 8JY, UK

3) Saba

Saba Halal Restaurants In Birmingham

Are you Persian? Do you like Iranian food? If yes, then Saba Restaurant offers you the delicious Persian, vegetable-friendly and halal food for you! The ambiance is praiseworthy and they also offer delivery services within 3-miles radius of their reach.

You can visit the restaurant:  Mon-Fri (5pm – 12am); Sat-Sun (2pm – 12am)

The restaurant is located at:  577 Moseley Rd, Birmingham B12 9BS, UK

4) Royal Watan Kashmiri Restaurant

Royal Watan Kashmiri Halal Restaurants In Birmingham

‘From Kashmir with love since 1984’ as their tagline says ‘with love’, Royal Watan strives to provide the best of the food that its visitors deserve. From fresh ingredients to receiving guests, they make sure you feel at home. So, if you feel like it is the place for you, what are you waiting for? Head to Kashmiri Restaurant now!

You can visit the restaurant: Mon-Sun (5pm – 12am)

The restaurant is located at: 602-604 Pershore Rd, Birmingham B29 7HQ, UK

5) Chaiiwala

chaiiwala birmingham Halal Restaurants In Birmingham

The history of Chaiiwala restaurant is quite mesmerizing, it started about 90 years ago in Delhi, India but in 2015, the first outlet of the giant restaurant chain was open in the UK. The place is best known for its delicious, hot and insane chai! There are other options on the menu as well but if you are craving for ‘Desi’ chai, then you need to visit this place asap!

You can visit the restaurant: Mon-Sun (8am – 11pm)

The restaurant is located at: 410 Ladypool Rd, Birmingham B12 8JZ

6) Tipu Sultan

tipu sultan Halal Restaurants In Birmingham

Like Akbar, Tipu Sultan is one of the great Muslim Personalities. Apart from history, the restaurant is a unique place to visit. It has a number of features that make it different from the rest. First, its name. Secondly, the ambiance resembles modern royal interior design. If you want to experience history closely, head to Tip Sultan now. It is hailed as the Best halal restaurant in the town.

You can visit the restaurant: Mon-Sun (12pm -11pm)

The restaurant is located at: 43 Alcester Rd, Birmingham B13 8AA, United Kingdom

7) MyLahore restaurant

MyLahore Halal Restaurants In Birmingham

MyLahore was started by two cousins in 2002, ever since then, it has become one of the brand symbols for halal food. The restaurant targets Pakistani cuisine, British-Asian cuisine for everyone! Visit them in the near future for the best experience.

You can visit the restaurant: Mon-Fri (12pm – 12am); Sat & Sun (1pm – 12am)

The restaurant is located at: 191-194 Bradford St, Birmingham B12 0JD, UK

8) Mowgli Street Food

Mowgli Street Food Halal Restau

Mowgli Street Food is one of the Halal restaurants in Birmingham. It is a jungle-themed restaurant, created to serve the Indian food in the way Indians eat food and represent a modern yet original street food idea to the visitors. The meat used in the restaurant is purely halal.

You can visit the restaurant: Sun-Wed (12pm – 9.30pm); Thu-Sat (12pm – 10.30pm)

The restaurant is located at: Grand Central, 52 Navigation St, Birmingham B2 4BW, United Kingdom

9) Chaophraya

chaophraya Halal Restaurants In Birmingham

Chaophraya is a Thai restaurant but its chicken and lamb are halal. Though, it will be wise to confirm when visiting. The food is delicious and unique. If you are interested in tasting Thai cuisine, then you know the place to go.

You can visit the restaurant: Sun-Thu (12-10pm); Friday& Saturday (12-10:30pm)

The restaurant is located at: St Martins Square, 6 Spiceal St, Bullring, Birmingham B5 4BW

10) Colbeh

Colbeh Halal Restaurants In Birmingham

Colbeh is a Persian restaurant. To give a traditional touch, it has an oven to bake the bread. It was started in the 2000s and ever since then, it has gained immense popularity among the mass because of its services and food quality. To have a memorable and original tandoor-baked bread, head to Colbeh now.

You can visit the restaurant: Mon-Sun (12-11:30pm)

The restaurant is located at: 207 Hagley Rd, Birmingham B16 9RE

11) Damascena Coffee House

DAMAScena Halal Restaurants In Birmingham

Interiors inspired by the old city of Damascus; the coffee house offers its visitors a taste of ancient yet modern cuisine at the same time. In a short span of time, the restaurant achieved a lot and is recognized by a large society. Damascena Coffee House looks forward to your visit.

You can visit the restaurant: Mon-Thu (9am-8pm); Fri-Sat (9am-9pm); Sun (10am-6pm)

The restaurant is located at: Portman House, 5-7 Temple Row W, Birmingham B2 5NY

12) Oodles Chinese

Oodles Chinese Halal Restaurants In Birmingham

If you are looking for a Halal Chinese restaurant in Birmingham, then go to Oodles Chinese. They offer Indo-Chinese combos and you can customize the combo box by yourself as well. Oodles Chinese offers dine-in, take away and delivery services for its consumers. Check out their cuisine soon for a good time.

You can visit the restaurant: Mon-Sat (11am – 12am); Sun (12pm – 12am)

The restaurant is located at: 323 Ladypool Road, Birmingham, B12 8LB

13) Ice Stone Gelato

Ice Stone GelatoHalal Restaurants In Birmingham

If you had enough of the food and want to now try dessert to change the mood. Try going to Ice Stone Gelato. Their desserts are famous for all the right reasons. Moreover, the products are Halal Certified.

You can visit the restaurant: Mon-Sun (1pm – 2am)

The restaurant is located at: 353-355 Ladypool Rd, Birmingham B12 8LA

14) Pushkar

Pushkar Halal Restaurants In Birmingham

Pushkar – Exquisite Punjabi & North Indian Cuisine, is your ultimate destination when it comes to enjoying Indian dishes. Apart from giving a remarkable time to the visitors, the meat served is purely halal for the Muslim community. What are you waiting for? Go to Pushkar for a friendly food.

You can visit the restaurant: Mon-Sun (12-2:30pm) & (5pm – 11:30pm)

The restaurant is located at: 245 Broad Street, Birmingham B1 2HQ

15) Toro’s Steakhouse

Toro’s Steakhouse Halal Restaurants In Birmingham

For the steak lovers out there, Toro’s is the place where you can get the best Halal steak Birmingham! The staff is extremely polite and there is a lot of options that you can choose from for having a delicious meal on your table

You can visit the restaurant: Mon-Fri (5pm – 12am); Sat-Sun (1pm – 12am)

The restaurant is located at:  365 Ladypool Rd, Birmingham B12 8LA, UK

The list for the Halal restaurants in Birmingham is increasing on a daily basis due to awareness among the mass for creating more halal certified restaurants.  By asking around, searching on the internet; one can reach the restaurant of its choice. Moreover, if you do not want to just eat the meal but also appreciate the nature & surrounding environment, then no worries as there are many restaurants in London with a view that could offer you both features.

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