Here we are again, at your service! The world is increasingly becoming global, people of different ethnicities can be seen living together in one place. People settle in different parts of the world in order to pursue their dreams be it employment, higher education, permanent settlement or temporary purpose; and when they are there, one thing is important for the survival is the food! For Muslims, the importance of food doubles when we categorize it in halal and haram categories. If you are a resident of Bristol, United Kingdom and also a Muslim; looking for Halal restaurants in Bristol then no need to worry as SalamPlanet has made your conquest easy by shortlisting the restaurants where you can either have your next meal or throw a party with friends and family.

Best Ten Halal Restaurants In Bristol To Fulfill Your Hunger Needs!

Bristol has many halal restaurants for the Muslim community. But it will be a wise decision to call the restaurant and ask beforehand to avoid any inconvenience. These are the following restaurants that you can find in your neighbourhood, have a look:

1) Gourmet Burger Kitchen

Halal Restaurants In Bristol

Gourmet Burger Kitchen is a great spot for hangout time with friends and colleagues! The Gluten-free menu welcomes you with open arms. From Burgers to drinks, you are promised a lively time. So, if you are a junkie, this location in Bristol needs to be marked on your map!

Restaurant’s Address: Cabot Circus, Unit SU71, Bristol BS1 3BT | 74 Park St, Bristol BS1 5JX

Restaurant’s timing: Open: 12pm ⋅ Closes 10PM

2) Nando’s

Halal Restaurants In Bristol

Nando’s is one of the famous restaurant chains in the world. With having branches in different countries and their cities, Nando’s never fails to disappoint its customers. Their sauces are one in million, that’s one of the customer retentions’ reasons.

Restaurant’s Address: Aspects Leisure Park, Bristol BS15 9LA

Restaurant’s timing: Sun – Thurs (12pm – 10:30pm) & Fri & Sat (12pm – 11pm)

3) Lona Restaurant

Halal Restaurants In Bristol

A Lebanese grill house and juice bar, Lona Restaurant has an extensive menu for the limited categories! The ambience is warm, welcoming and attractive. The food and atmosphere seem beneficial for the visitors and looks like your next meal destination.

Restaurant’s Address: 281 Gloucester Rd, Bristol BS7 8NY

Restaurant’s timing: Mon – Sat (11am -11pm) & Sun (12pm – 11pm)

4) Beirut Mezze

Halal Restaurants In Bristol

Previously known as Beirut Palace, Beirut Mezze offers 100% halal food to its guests. It is also a Lebanese cuisine restaurant, so, if you are up for a traditional meal apart from just juice and burgers; this is your place!

Restaurant’s Address: 13A Small St, Bristol BS1 1DE

Restaurant’s timing: Mon – Fri (12pm – 3pm & 6pm – 11pm); Sat (12pm – 11pm) & Sun (12pm – 10pm)

5) Iron Grill

Halal Restaurants In Bristol

Iron Grill offers halal quick bites on your way to your destination, short break from work or study. It is the ultimate place for fast food lovers. From burgers to Mozzarella sticks, the mouth-watering menu is all set to serve you the right way! The reviews are spectacular!

Restaurant’s Address: 441 Stapleton Rd, Bristol BS5 6NA

Restaurant’s timing: Mon – Sun (12pm – 11:30pm)

6) Las Iguanas

Halal Restaurants In Bristol

Those who did not know before, Las Iguanas restaurants are halal. There is so much from Las Iguanas that you will get confused in ordering your dish! But no worries, the wonderful staff will help you pick a meal of the day by understanding your needs.

Restaurant’s Address: A, South Building, Anchor Square, Canon’s Rd, Bristol BS1 5UH

Restaurant’s timing: Advance booking.

7) Urban Tandoor

Halal Restaurants In Bristol

Not just pioneers of Indian food in Bristol but also an award-winning restaurant, Urban Tandoor offers delicious Indian cuisines, exciting interiors and stylish hospitality. Their hard work, dedication and sincerity has paid off and can be seen by the positive reviews of its customers.

Restaurant’s Address: 13 Small Street, Bristol BS1 1DE, England

Restaurant’s timing: Mon – Sat (5pm -10:45pm)

8) Wok to Walk

Healthy, halal Chinese and Asian cuisine, Wok to Walk let you decide your course. Pick your favourite items one by one to make a complete meal. The food is 100% halal certified. If you love Chinese but hesitate not trying in foreign because of doubts, then no need to overthink about it since Wok to Walk is your go-to place.

Restaurant’s Address: 39 Park St, Bristol BS1 5NH, UK

Restaurant’s timing: Sun – Thurs (11am – 12:30pm) & Fri – Sat (11am – 12pm)

9) Firewood Grill & Gelato

Halal Restaurants In Bristol

Firewood Grill & Gelato is a multi-purpose restaurant offering grill, burgers and halal certified complete menu. They are welcoming beyond question, loves hospitality and enjoy visitors’ company so that they feel more connected and at home. Let’s plan your next meal to Firewood Grill & Gelato.

Restaurant’s Address: 22 Bond St, Bristol BS1 3LU, UK

Restaurant’s timing: Sun – Sat (11am – 9pm)

10) The Assilah Bistro

Halal Restaurants In Bristol

Family-run Moroccan cuisine, The Assilah Bistro promises to give you Moroccan recipes, Tagines and Couscous dishes using Moroccan herbs and spices. So, if you want to eat your traditional food, introduce your cuisine to a friend or loved the aroma of the food on your way; Assilah would like to host you for a great time.

Restaurant’s Address: 194 Wells Rd, Bristol BS4 2AX, UK

Restaurant’s timing: Wed – Sat (7am – 11pm) Sun, Mon & Tue – Closed

Bristol is a beautiful place to live and work, it gets better when we get the food of our choice. Muslims number one concern has always been Halal food so that they can stay connected to their religion and roots. We tried our level best to accommodate our readers by providing a thorough detail of Halal restaurants in Bristol. Now, it is up to you to decide where you would like to have your next meal.

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