As the winter season kicks in, all we see several fruits carts loaded with bright oranges, spreading heavenly citrus aroma that vibes perfectly with the cozy weather. Besides all the spicy and warm food cravings, one just cannot forget the tangy yet juicy oranges. This versatile fruit comes with numerous health benefits to bless your body and mind.

To know more, read below to find out 5 most interesting health benefits of oranges:

Godsend for Better Skin and Hair

orange benefits

One orange contains around 80% of your daily vitamin C dose. Oranges are an ultimate source of Vitamin C which clear skins by blurring unwanted marks making your skin healthy. The vitamin C content in the citrus ball prevents your skins from pollution, dirt, and dangerous sun rays. Besides, regular intake oranges are known to slow down the aging process by preventing wrinkles and fine lines.

Vitamin C helps the production of collagen in body for maintenance of health hair and skin, vitamin A in oranges keeps the hair shiny and keeps the moisture locked with increased sebum secretion of scalp. Oranges are your best friends for glowing skin, shiny hair, and slowed ageing, so start eating oranges everyday this winter.

 For Happy Heart and Sleep

orange benfits

A medium size orange carries almost 3 grams of soluble fiber which reaches 12% of our body’s total daily target. The fiber in the citrus fruits greatly helps in food digestion, blood sugar and insulin level regulation, lowers cholesterol levels, increases the fullness feeling in stomach decreasing untimely food cravings, and is believed to help in a patterned healthy sleep. This is amazing to even imagine this much nutritious benefits in a fruit.

Oranges for Stress-free Days!

orange benfits

The anti-oxidants in oranges boost your mood by relieving stress and protecting your mental health. According to American Journal of Clinical Nutrition study, higher flavonoid levels in body may lower any depression risks. These anti-oxidants are also associated with maintaining the body weight and reducing excessive body fat. So, worry no more stay tension free while shrink some bad fat.

The Immunity Boosters

orange benefits

Winter has that notorious reputation to cause cold, flu, cough, congestion and other infections, but luckily oranges have the power to keep these ailments away. Immunity boosters in oranges including phytonutrients, vitamin C, and antioxidants are believed to strengthen our body’s immunity against all the seasonal infections as well as the monstrous corona virus. Oranges have crucial flavonoid antioxidants that benefit our body with anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, and anti-bacterial characteristics.

Improves Memory and Learning Ability

Do you also complain of insomnia? well, consuming oranges can be the solution. The multi-cause anti-oxidants and flavonoids present in oranges play an imperative role by releasing significant neurotransmitters that promote healthy sleep, sharpened memory as well as learning abilities.

Here’s the perfect fruit deal, we have come to the point that oranges can be your best friend this winter season. So, take your today’s orange dose to give your body the much needed citrus blessing. Happy Tangy Winters!!

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