Ending the year 2019 with some very beautiful memories Iqra Aziz & Yasir Hussain had tied the knot on Dec 28, 2019. Ever since Yasir proposed Iqra on sets of Lux Style Awards, people wanted to see them together. Now that the wedding is over, we are sharing all Iqra Aziz & Yasir Hussain wedding pics for you here.

Iqra & Yasir just slayed the style on their wedding day:

Here are some videos from the couples beautiful moments together.

Iqra Aziz wore some astonishing jewelry.

How about this great bride entry!!!

Barat took some nice entry too!!!

Yasir Hussain Wedding pics:

Iqra Aziz & Yasir Hussain Mehndi Pics:

Other celebrities on Iqra Aziz & Yasir Hussain wedding:

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