First came in 1994, which at that time was an animated movie; Lion King 2019 is more of a roller coaster ride. Lion King is already one of the recognizable stories across the world, but the remake benefitted from an equal buzz voice cast including Donald Groover as ‘Simba’, Beyoncé as ‘Nala’ and James Earl Jones as ‘Mufasa’. Salam Planet has been keeping a track of the movie’s business record and was already aware that it will be a huge hit, but the record status is a proof of it!

Yes! That’s Right, The Movie Has Just Released And Is Already Breaking Records!

In a banner weekend of Disney, the studio is now home to the highest-grossing movie of all time. Hakuna Matata. Indeed.

Audiences’ Response Shows The Success Of The Movie: Include Us As Well!

Directed by Jon Favreau, Disney’s Lion King has succeeded in getting people out of their beds on the weekend! There is a big reason for why the movie is being hailed as a masterpiece, and that is, it connects with humans even though it is a solely animal-oriented movie. Here are some of the responses that we got to see on the internet from people after they finished watching the movie, have a look:

The Best Plan That Ever Got Perfectly Executed Except For Our Friends’ Plans!

We Also Hold The Same Point Of View!

All The 90s’ Kids Will Nod To This! The Movie Took Us Back To Our Childhood!

Watching The Movie In 3D Has Its Own Charm And Goosebumps For Audience!

Throughout the year, we watch hundreds of movies as they are the great source of entertainment but there are only few movies that we witness. Lion king in 1994 and Lion King in 2019 has the same effect on the audience and that is, it has succeeded in mesmerizing its viewers.

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