Lately, we have seen on television screens and the internet how artists are promoting war-related sentiments among their fans. At the same time, we have artists who are artists in the true sense and would do anything to maintain peace in the world, as that’s what artists are supposed to do. The purpose of our Muslim Lifestyle App is to support such artists in their mission of spreading love and halting hatred. Recently, Mehwish Hayat has been named as one of the five Muslim Women are who breaking stereotypes by the International Magazine ‘The Muslim Vibe’. The mention was made in the collaboration with the British Charity Organization called Penny Appeal.

The Actress Feels Humbled by Yet Another Award in Her Life!

She was bestowed the honour on Women’s Equality Day which commemorates the passage of 19th Amendment in the United States constitution, granting right to women to vote.

The publication mentioned Mehwish as ‘Passionate and Articulate’ humanitarian who is making waves in the world through her activism. “My intention when speaking about women’s rights, girls’ education, or supporting humanitarian charity work is to unite people — not divide them,” she said during one of her interviews.

The Actress was Vocal as Of-Late About the Atrocities Committed in the Indian Occupied Kashmir!

She is using her capacity to the best! Mehwish was seen raising voice for the deprived Muslims in the world. Her speaking up about the atrocities committed in the IOK shows that she understands the freedom struggle of Kashmiris and she commented on the divisive nationalism with a thought piece on BBC, emphasizing the responsibility which actors and role models have to promote peace to become responsible humanitarians.

The list includes other inspirational women as well including an Egyptian athlete, Manal Rostom, who is also the founder of online community Surviving Hijab and Ilhan Omar, who is the member of the US House of Representatives as well as the first woman of colour and the first Somali American to be elected from Minnesota. Besides, it also features Linda Sarsour, an American political activist and American sabre fencer and Ibtihaj Muhammad.

Her stance on Bollywood’s Attempt on Vilifying Pakistan Shows Responsible Attitude of an Artist!

In her acceptance speech for the Pride of Performance honor in Oslo, Norway; she also brought the attention of how Bollywood instead of promoting mutual understanding between the two Nuclear-Armed countries is using the platform for vilifying Pakistan to the fullest, which is further fueling hatred towards the neighbor fellows.

Earlier this year, Mehwish was honoured by the government with the Tamgha-e-Imtiaz, which is the highest accolade any citizen of Pakistan can receive. And she is proving through her actions that she truly deserves the award. Apart from this, she is also partnering with Penny Appeal and running in London Marathon 2020 to help hundreds of Pakistani children to get quality education.

You are doing great, Mehwish! We wish the best of luck to you and hope that other artists especially neighbor country to take note of your High Class and also strive for spreading peace instead of so-called harmful nationalism! Moreover, did you come to know about the latest celebrity weddings? No? Find here in our blog.

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