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Everybody agrees that the year 2020 has been a rough roller coaster ride, majorly due to the Corona Crisis. Most of us have lost something or gained nothing, some lost their beloved, some their job, and some a precious time to attain education. Only a year has made a lot of difference. BUT, there were some happening moments that made the gruesome year slightly bearable.

Oh yes, we are talking about the viral memes that gave us bursts of good laughter. The netizen’s meme game remained strong and kept us all entertained throughout the lows of the year 2020. So, in the dedication of our meme fam, here we are presenting to you the meme rewind 2020 Pakistan:

1. Mere Paas Tum Ho aur Danish ka Heart Attack!

Pakistanis just can not forget about the supernova drama, Mere Paas Tum Ho starring Humayun Saeed and Ayeza Khan. Woah, people went bonkers over the megahit, that the final episode was aired in the cinemas to put on a proper show!

We enjoyed a trail of meme fest from Danish being cheated, Mehwish and Shahwar’s disgraceful hotel vacay. Mehwish receiving a fine slap on her Nikkah day, to last but not least, Danish death for not bearing Mehwish’s Bewafai. Accept it or not, Mere Paas Tum Ho inspired memes were great entertainment for all of us!


Indian drama serials are a perfect source to binge on illogical yet funny content, and in 2020, one of these serials became a blessing in disguise. Oh, you know, we are talking about the famous Kokliben and Rasoda Mystery, ‘Rasode mein kaun that.’  We all participated to resolve Kokliben’s burning question and in the end, it was no one but Rashi ben. Phew, Gopiwau must have taken her sigh of relief!


Surprisingly, the 2020 meme history of Pakistan saw a recurrent series of bans on different gaming, social media, and dating apps by PEMRA. The heartbroken PUBG users resorted to the memes’ heaven as a coping mechanism. Kyunke dard jab had see guzar jaey tou memes bana kay share kar lete hain :”(

4. Sacrifice mah oWhn LiFe Fo Pakistan! GRRAAPPEE!!

A video from a Saudi school celebrating Pakistan’s independence day went viral on the internet where young students were expressing their patriotism for Pakistan. AND SOME HAD TO BECAME MEMES FOR SURE!

‘I will sacrifice my own life for Pakistan’ was one of the most popular and rejoiced chants made by a student while Politician Sehar Kamran’s GRRAAPEE and Pakistan IZ IN THE BAAG! stole the show. Would you believe, these chants went international and every TikToker was ready to sacrifice its life for Pakistan despite different nationalities. The power of MEMES!

5. Ertgrul’s Fever

Turkish drama Dirilis Ertugrul airing on PTV kept Pakistanis busy and the internet buzzing with hilarious memes the entire lockdown. Episode after episode, a storm of memes came exploding the social media every then and now!

6. Yasir Hussain’s Hostility (Jealousy) with the Ertugrul Actors!

Controversy and we hear Yasir Hussain’s name echoing in our ears. He has earned it for sure. Well, this time, he got mad at PTV for endorsing the superhit Turkish drama Dirilis Ertrugul and even called the actors, ‘bahar ka kachra’. The drama attracted a massive fanbase, so these fans were enough to troll Yasir with their sarcastic memes. We must say, memers were a little too harsh on Yasir:

7. Shafqat Mahmood, The New Chachoo!

Federal Education Minister, Shafqat Mahmood became heart-favorite of every student when he announced the closure of educational institutes in the wake of COVID-19’s second wave. The netizens stormed the internet with memes showing their love and gratitude for the minister in a funny way. So, this is for sure one of our favorite from the meme rewind 2020.


Oh, yes. How can we forget about the Tik Tok ban which was appreciated by many but the TikTok users were left helpless all at once. No worries, Pakistanis are masters of ‘Jugaar’ as a last bid to solve any problem. So, to deal with the Tiktok ban many used proxies to continue using their favorite app. But the memes kept our heads spinning with crazy laughs!

meme rewind 2020

Meanwhile YouTubers and memers were having the best time of their lives:

9. Confirm Jannati Hai Becomes Easy Meme Template :D

The Pakistani naatkhuwans has never failed to surprise us with their creative pieces every Ramadan. Well, in Ramadan 2020, Yasir Soharwardi released a masterpiece ‘Confirm Jannati’ video and it was not too soon that the video went viral like a fire on social media. A meme fest was celebrated right after ‘Confirm Jannati Hai’ was released.

meme rewind pakistan

10. Hania Amir friend-zoned Asim Azhar

This time Asim Azhar became the victim of getting friend-zoned by a long-time muse Hania Amir, meanwhile, his latest release “Tum Tum” received massive backlash. Fans were heads over heels in love with the young love birds but everyone was taken by surprise after Hania Amir declared Asim as her best friend in a live session with Aima Baig. The social media found another frenzy for memes and boy Asim Azhar got meme-fied!

11. Shahroz and Kanwal’s Wedding Becomes a Controversy!

The corona-driven lockdown aroused our lust for more n’ more gossip and spice every day. And surprisingly, we were not disappointed at all, therefore, this interesting meme rewind 2020. Some celebrated the unexpected marriages of celebrities while some got their meme material, and Sadaf Kanwal and Shahroz Sabzwari’s wedding tops our list in this regard.

12. Syra and Sheheryar’s Steaming Hot Photoshoot

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By the year-end, Syra Yousaf and Sheheryar Munawar surprised everyone with a sizzling photoshoot that literally became the talk of the town.  Undoubtedly, the chemistry between the two was supernatural and the netizens wanted to get them married already. As expected, witty memers came forward with some creative memes.

13. Usman Mukhtar Became a Meme Too!

Usman Mukhtar was seen acting with Sarah Khan in Sabaat and with Naimal Khawar Khan in Ana. And surprisingly, both actresses got married in no time after the projects ended. Well, some trolled Usman Mukhtar as Rishta auntie and of course, a truckload of funny memes followed:

14. Main Tere Khuwaboun Main Aunga and 2020

In the meme rewind Pakistan 2020, we have colonel ki biwi to share but colonel ka beta won the trophy with his fiery warning to the boy who thrashed the army brat, ‘Main Tere Khuwaboun Mian Aunga.’ We saw memes coming for sure!

15. 2021 Motivation Memes

mein tere khwabon mein aaunga meme

As the 2021 shenanigans began, memers used their creativity to urge netizens to be stronger and more resilient in 2021. But yes, there still was hilarious touch to it!

Coming to an end, we had multiple moments in 2020 to rejoice despite the concurrent lows. There were events and incidents that kept our spirits high and helped us navigate through the bad-boy 2020. The meme rewind 2020 has proven that there were times that kept the social media abuzz and us laughing and chuckling throughout the rugged year!

Salam Planet will always keep on working to give you a good laugh to bring joy to your boring lives. Stay tuned for more fun content on the Salam Planet Blog.

Happy New Year to our Salam Planet Fam!

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