Reading about history may be a simple task but creating one isn’t! Yes, you heard us right and the majority of you may also agree with us. Salam Planet’s struggle for maintaining the platform for Muslim audience is motivated and boosted by the individuals who also share the same ideology. In recent years, Modest Fashion has gained popularity and its fame keep on achieving new heights. Here are some of the few influencers who continue to play a key role in our day-to-day routine, have a look:

1) Sagal Ibrahim Shire: Inventing UNIQUE IDEAS


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London-based Somali blogger has around 192k followers on Instagram. The beautiful blogger focuses on a lot of topics, ranging from fashion to motherhood. People love her and take inspiration from her. She can relate to all the mothers out there who love their life and manage work, family & beauty with

2) Amena Khan: Not Just A Blogger!


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Amena, a mother of two beautiful angels, is not just a blogger but also an entrepreneurial lady! She has 635k followers on Instagram who get to learn amazing modest dress-up games from her on a regular basis. Apart from this, she gives them tips on other subjects as well including marriage life, career and beauty!

3) Basma Kahle: Modestly Modest


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With 418k followers on Instagram, the UK-based modest fashion influencer is making waves. We also saw her on the cover of Hijab Instyle Magazine, gracing it with absolute naturalness. She keeps her style between cool and trendy but at the same time modest and cosy! You can know more of her by following her on Social Media platforms.

4) Sabina Hannan: Journey From Nursery To Social Media!


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Before she became a social media star, Sabina Hannan used to work in a nursery. It was until 2015 when she started her blog on Instagram and now, she has over 544k followers on the platform. She guides her fans on makeup, fashion and lifestyle topics. The blogger also has a YouTube channel with 370,000 subscribers! Subscribe her channel and remain up-to-date with makeup tutorials and dress-up ideas.

5) Hani Hanss: A Young Blogger Plus An Author!


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Hani knows how to rock a hijab with modest clothing! The twenty-three years old blogger is also an author of the book called ‘Insta-Glam’. You can see her giving food reviews, makeup ideas and styling techniques on her Instagram where she has 106k followers. Her Modest fashion blog keep alive the motive of modesty alive while maintaining the cool and classy aspect in it!

6) Habiba Da Silva: Not An Ordinary Human Being!


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Habiba loves travelling! And she makes sure that wherever she travels, her 865k followers on Instagram can also see where she is, what she is doing and how gracefully she carries herself on those tours; keeping modest fashion the top priority of all the things. You can follow her on Instagram and learn a few things which could help you in your skincare, beauty and travel!

7) Hodhen Liaden: Celebrating Colours Of Life!


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With 36.1k followers on Instagram, the London-based blogger Hodhen is a vision of liveliness. She is one of the influencers who contribute largely to Modest Fashion and follow it no matter what. To know more of her, follow her on Instagram and find interesting ideas.

8) Fatima Lily: Get Skin-Care Routine Like Never Before!


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Based in Birmingham, Fatima Lily is skincare, fashion, lifestyle and food blogger that you need to know! She has around 172k loyal followers on Instagram, where she shares with them different posts about her styling, places, reviews and life moments. She makes sure, she looks fabulous in everything she wears!

9) Taslim R: A Photographer Following Modest Fashion


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Taslim has a thing for nature, she loves capturing nature, greenery, sun and everything raw. Apart from this, she promotes Modest fashion Instagram in an organic way. Around 161k people follow her on Instagram, making her a prominent figure in the day-to-day routine of audience. Not just this, she loves capturing photos through her camera and wishes to grow in the photography field.

10) Aaliyah Jasmine Mohammad: Learn How To Be Awesome And Modest At The Same Time!

Aaliyah is one of the influencers who does not let marriage stop their passion. In fact, they beautifully carry both things in the unimaginable yet achievable way! We love how she maintains her style and never disappoints fans. She has around 388k followers on Instagram and the number is not decreasing rather its on increasing mode.

11) Chinutay: They Call Her Youtube Star!


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Got popularity from her YouTube channel with 360,000 subscribers, in 2013, where she posts hijab and makeup tutorials for her fans. On Instagram, she has over 300k followers. All these numbers making her a successful modest fashion blogger and YouTube Star! They love her and so do we. Follow her to know more about her.

The World is changing, people are accepting the norms which, in the past, they hesitated in admitting. Modest Fashion is on its way to stardom and popularity. A lot of Modest brands including ‘Aab’ are being hailed as the true representatives of Muslim Women.

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