Namira Salim is surely an inspiration for all Pakistanis & especially females. After becoming the first Pakistani to visit north & south poles, she is going to get another badge for herself. This Namira Salim will become the first Pakistani astronaut to visit space.

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Namira Salim in North Pole

Namira Salim will fly to space on Virgin Galactic’s flight:

Namira Salim bought a $20K worth of ticket on Virgin Galactic’s commercial space touring mission. Congratulations to her as she was selected as a finalist who will travel out of the world.

Speaking about her new venture she said, “So first of all, I think I should go as far as possible on earth before I break the orbit”

Namira Salim is not just a space traveler by a diplomat too:

Namira Salim with Richard Branson

Namira Salim is a space veteran who is also a founding member of Richard Branson’s space tourism company. She is also a space diplomat who wishes & strives for peace in the world by utilizing space.

Namira Salim has also founded Space Trust, a non-profit organization that takes her peace-making efforts to another level by engaging world leaders.

She is also first Asian to skydive over Mount Everest:

She is a true explorer who knows no boundaries. In 2008 she became the first Asian to the skydiver. She was a part of the First Everest Skydives 2008 campaign.

More about Namira’s personal life:

Namira was born in Karachi, Pakistan. She has a degree in International Business studies from Hofstra University.

Namira has won several awards from the Pakistani government. In October 2007 she presented her Spaceflight training certification then president Pervez Musharraf.

She was also appointed as Honorary Council of Pakistan; she was working to deepen diplomatic ties between Pakistan and Monaco.

Namira was awarded Tamgha e Imtiaz on March 23, 2011, by president Asif Ali Zardari.

She was also placed in the “Women power 100” list.