What is the national dish of Pakistan? Almost all the Pakistani’s get it wrong. Although no doubt that we love food and our food culture is really rich. But, choosing a national dish for the country would take a lot of consideration.

Because, there are some dishes that are really very much loved in Pakistan and its not easy to choose one as a national dish of Pakistan. So, let’s make this a unanimous platform to decide the national dish of Pakistan.

Aloo Gosht:


Once in a week, Aloo Gosht is up on the dinning table and you cannot stop your taste buds from making you lick your fingers. However, do a large number of Pakistani’s agree to give Aloo Gosht the status of Pakistan’s national dish? What is your take on this let us know in the comments section.

Although it is very tasty & very popular in Pakistan, but there are some areas where Aloo Gosht is not very much famous, we are talking about Sindh & KP province.

However, if you want to vote, please vote for Aloo Gosht here.



Weather you call it afghani pulao or simple pulao, this specific dish is very popular in areas of Pashtun majority. Although, it is a regular dish in KP & Baluchistan province & has acceptance in Punjab too, but Sindhi’s cannot let go of biryani.

However, many of us surely would like pulao to be the national dish of Pakistan. So, what’s your take on this.

Daal Chawal:

I’m sure you must have tried daal chawal. Do you want them to be the national dish of Pakistan? Not many will agree here I am sure, from KP & Baluchistan. So, what we have left so far is Punjab & Sindh where the dish is massively popular. However, is not a regular dish and not the dish for special occasions as well.

So, there might be ruling out not in favor for it to be the national dish of the country. However, if you ever visit Pakistan, do not forget to try this tasty dish out.


Now we are getting serious. Nihari is one of the most popular dishes in Pakistan. And surely can be the national dish of Pakistan. We will have to choose between Nihari & the last one on our list very carefully. So, where are you going to put your wait.

We are sure, you are eager to vote, but don’t forget to read the no 1 dish last in this list. Have you ever tried Nihari in a Lahori restaurant? well, you should because the taste is so good that you will be forced to consider it the best of all eateries.


biryani - nihari national dish of pakistan

Most Pakistani’s will agree, Biryani is the national dish of Pakistan.

If ever it comes down to my vote, I will declare both Biryani & Nihari the national dishes of Pakistan.

What is your take on this? Let us know in the comments section below. And if your are looking for best biryani spots in Lahore, here’s your list.