Digitization of the country is a very important factor in todays global village space. Although Pakistan is the 5th largest internet consumer country in the world, yet we are not as much digital as the country should be. Be it education or banking sector our ecosystem is not digital at all.

This also reflected when amid COVID-19 all educational activities stopped & universities resorted to online classes. However, due to bad infrastructure and poor internet connectivity in remote areas, not all students could benefit from online classes.

Also, students ask HEC about the standard of education being delivered in online classes. Summing up everything Pakistani students are not happy with online classes at all and want Higher Education Commission to do something in this regard.

Unexpected rise in university fee worsens the condition:

Where students are already complaining about education standard, some private sector universities like LUMS raised semester fees which worsened the condition. Students of LUMS university protested on twitter and as a result the university management had to issue an advisory about fee rise.

However, it is not clear weather the rise was reverted or not.

Here are some problems that students face during online classes:

Internet Connectivity:

The biggest issue that students face is internet connectivity as remote areas of Pakistan still are not so very well connected to the world. Even if there are services, those are very weak and cannot sustain the load of an online conference.

Standard of education delivered is not up to mark:

The standard of education that is delivered in online classes is not upto mark as students claim teachers only are reading slides.

Another issue associated with this is that faculty members are not very much acquainted with technology. This also creates an issue when delivering lectures.

Rising educational expenses:

This is the worst case scenario for students as well as parents. Due to COVID-19 the country is at stand still. There is no business and economy is hugely suffering because of this. In this scenario, some private sector universities have raised their tuition fee even when the classes are not resuming.


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