Every Muslim dream of working in Haram, we regard the employees of Haram with the utmost respect. The reason for love and respect is the fact that they tend to work on a place that we all hold dear to our hearts – The Kaaba. Our Muslim Lifestyle App comes up with interesting, unique and close-to-our-hearts’ topics so that users must feel like family members, which is one of our founding principles. Today, we will be talking about a Movie called ‘One Day in The Haram’. The movie shows why is the Kaaba important for Muslims all over the world. Though it was released a year ago continues to touch hearts and is the main source of education for the upcoming generations. We will be talking about the points that make this movie a must-watch. Stay tuned.

The Direction of The Movie is To-The-Point: Showcasing Every Angle of Kaaba Beautifully!

There are some really beautiful shots in this movie. Both the aerial long-range shots as well as the on-the-ground close-range shots of the Kaabah, the Haram and wider Makkah are stunning. The producer, as well as director of the movie ‘Abrar Hussain’, did a tremendous job in giving the audience a masterpiece. Abrar is a British-Muslim filmmaker who studied at Kingston University. The education was completely portrayed by the work he displayed in the movie.

Running Narrative: Keeping Viewers’ Engaged!

The movie was shot over the number of weeks but the movie is edited and presented as a single day in the Haram from the morning prayer to the night prayer. The producers and the whole team worked well in providing a stunning product, first of its kind. There is no surprise if anything like this comes up in the future as it has set up a trend and is a reference for several seekers out there. One of the points of a successful movie is how it manages to keep its audience occupied and absorbed in the project, ‘One Day in The Haram’ did the task correctly.

Inspiring ‘Making the Film’ Story: Good Finish Requires Great Effort!

The actual work of the film started in June 2015 which included initial research with the Haram media department Al-Reasah Haramain. Abrar’s main purpose was to show how successfully the mosque is run, how organized its departments are, and how seriously its workers take their jobs! And we cannot agree more with his words for sure, he fulfilled his commitment. It was not an easy task to conduct a detailed analysis of 60 different departments within the Haram. The procedure required interview from many of the employees, to ascertain which departments and employees would be the best fit for the film.

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