Online earning apps in Pakistan have recently become popular, particularly in the lockdown. With this app you can win upto 20,000 everyday?

Online earning apps in Pakistan have recently become super popular. Some have discovered their treasure chests to make money online while the rest are still on their hunt for easy money. Such apps require you to perform various activities and in return give you reward/cash/deals. If used right, these apps can make you good money on an everyday basis.

There are Pakistani as well as international apps that are credible to deal with. So go on, and choose your favorite moneymaking app from the listing below:

D2 – Earn up to Rs. 50,000 CASH PRIZE Daily!!!

d2 jeeto trivia live mobile game show in pakistan

D2 is the #1 online filipino online dating with above 2 million downloads on Google Playstore alone. The app casts away the feeling that you are just casually surfing the internet only wasting your time. But with D2 playing games is never a waste of time because the more games you play, the more money you make. This app brings top arcade games, new quizzes and puzzles every month offering you more chances to win prizes!

Also, the app’s popular live game show ‘Jeeto Trivia’ promises to reward you with over Rs, 20,000 cash prize. D2 has already given away above Rs. 200,000 cash prizes to lucky players like you! We kid you not, you only have to answer 10 easiest questions for the mightiest cash prizes and cashpoints ever. Wow! we bet you would not have heard of a reward so big on doing too little!

The money making app allows you to redeem these cashpoints to avail crazy offers on your favorite brands. 

Moreover, the awesome app has various other fun features including Bajao Music, food deals, Rishta online, live channels, shopping portal, price comparison and discounts portal, a multi-niche blog, and much more for a quality time!

There is more to it, you can also keep your salah timings and qibla directions right with the super app. So it won’t be wrong to say that with d2 app  online earning and social life go hand in hand.

You can download D2 from Google Play Store to earn up to Rs. 50,000 every day, non-stop!!

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Daraz First Games

The Daraz App after being a successful e-commerce platform has now set a gaming station for its users known as Daraz First Games.  Gamers can play dozens of games for free and win exciting cash prizes as well as Daraz vouchers on different brands.


best money making apps

Join Triaba Pakistan and earn an easy opportunity to make money online. Just respond to online surveys and earn between $0.13 to $3.25 for each survey you fill. You become eligible for the paid survey right after signing-up to Tiaba.

TopUP: Send Free Recharge

online earning app

Top Topup (previously known as Recharge Me) is another earning app where you earn credit/recharge by either watching videos or by completing certain activities such as installing apps or filling online surveys.

Moreover, you can also share the free earned credits to your contacts. since sharing credit has somehow been difficult when needed due to not so easily available information about it but Top Topup makes the entire procedure quite handy.

Inspedium Affiliate, Pakistan

earning apps in pakistan

Inspedium Affiliate is one of the best online earning apps in Pakistan that allows you to earn without making any investments. You gain Rs. 1,000 only by joining the affiliate program, Inspedium. It is even easier to sell Inspedium’s high-speed web hosting service to your audience which earns you up to Rs. 41,000 per sale. The earning app is totally free to join!

Pakistan Real Cash

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Pakistan real cash app is another popular online earning app in Pakistani. You get your earned cash amount directly transferred to your JazzCash/ Easypaisa account directly.

Jeeto Pakistan

Jeeto Pakistan claims to deliver a next-generation gaming experience promising whopping cash rewards if you play the games. JEETO PAISA lets you play in English, Urdu, and Punjabi languages, more are expected to be launched soon.

Big Time Cash Make Money Free

play games and win money

Big Time Cash is another earning app where you play games and earn money. The app claims to have given away thousands of dollars to various lucky players.

To earn money, you are required to play any of the listed games and collect at least one ticket to enter into the daily cash prize lucky draws. Your opportunity to win the cash prize increases with the number of tickets collected; more tickets, more cash prize!

The cashout is done through Paypal only.

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GAMEE Prizes – Play Free Games, WIN REAL CASH!

play games and win money

You can win dollars as a cash prize after playing totally free games on GAMEE Prizes. The gaming app allows its users to earn dollars by playing fun video games with no in-app purchases required. Moreover, play 70+ in-app games including spin the Wheel of Fortune, participate in the daily ticket leaderboard to earn rewards instantly daily, or compete in various Lucky Games to win $100 every 4 hours.


Winzo app allows you to play games and earn money. With the app you can play Winzo Rummy, fantasy sports games, and other 70+ games to earn money every time you win.

appKarma Rewards & Gift Cards

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AppKarma is also a moneymaking app that rewards you with cash after you play games. After downloading, install games you like from the given list and complete the conditions to earn points.

You can redeem your points for PayPal cash, gift cards from Amazon, Target, Walmart, Xbox Live, Playstation, Google Play, iTunes, Starbucks, and many more options.

Earn Money Online 2020 – Spin and Win Free Cash

play games and win money

Earn Money Online 2020 is another online earning app where you play games and earn money. You simply have to play fun spin and scratch games. This app provides a quick and exciting way to earn instant cash.

We have made sure that your time spent on your smartphones does not go to waste, thus the carefully picked list of earning apps in Pakistan as well as from other countries to reward you with cash prizes/credits/vouchers upon playing games, filling surveys, and by performing other required activities.

D2 organizes daily Jeeto Trivia shows giving you a chance to win above Rs 50,000 CASH PRIZE twice a day!

Do not scratch your head trying to choose the best online earning app in Pakistan because D2 has already paid out to thousands of lucky players and you can be the NEXT!

So, download the app now and make some good money!

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