Last year Pakistan Hindu Council made 40 feet long & 60 feet wide flag made with balloons in Assembly Hall. To make the flag this big 60,000 green and white balloons were used.

Although, it was set up on Independence Day last year, Guinness World Records has now officially accepted it as a world record.

Ramesh Kumar, who represents Hindu’s in Pakistan & is current lawmaker from PTI, presented the certificate of the record to speaker of National Assembly.

Asad Qaiser lauded minorities & Ramesh Kumar:

Speaker National Assembly was presented the certificate for Guinness World Records for official successful attempt.

Dr. Ramesh presented the certificate for which Asad Qaiser lauded the efforts of Lawmaker.

Adding further to his comments, Asad Qaiser lauded efforts of hindu community towards development of Pakistan.

Minorities in Pakistan:

Minorities in Pakistan have always been treated with good care. Last year Pakistan inaugurated Kartarpur corridor for the Sikh community of Pakistan & India to offer pilgrimage on the holy sites of Sikh religion.

Similarly, Hindu’s in Pakistan are treated with good care & love.

Not only the nation, our minorities love the homeland too. Setting up of worlds largest balloon flag is also a depiction of how much minorities in Pakistan love the homeland.