Ramzan and Eid 2019 wrapped up in the most beautiful way, and we have moved forward looking towards the next excitement. With the blazing heat of Pakistan summer on top of us and mangos of various kinds to sweeten up the warmness, let’s add Pardadari to our music list for some spark and charm.


Pardadari is the latest Abida Parveen and Atif Aslam’s reunion – a marriage of their voices, a melodious continuity of the spirit of Ramazan! Pardadari premiered on EidulFitar but the love it received is still flowing since its majorly the new song of Atif Aslam.

The soulful melody brings back the spirit of the holy month and leaves us craving for more.

Atif is the sensation of youth, whereas Abida is the craze of those that fancy sufi music – both together are the absolute form of music one could ask for. And this is not the first time for Abida Parveen and Atif Aslam reunion; the two icons have created similar master piece before. Noor-e-azal and Noor-e-Elahi are the two best examples of the magical collaboration they created in the past.

Pardadari, opens with Atif and is soon followed by a chorus and Abida Parveen’s strong vocals.

Needless to say, the combination of their voices drowns our ears in a beautiful melody and sweeps us away. The track is part of Sarang Latif’s project, Bazm-e-Rang. Sarang Latif who also happens to be the youngest son of Abida Parveen.

SalamPlanet wishes Sarang the best and hopes that he would continue inspiring the audience in future and will bring new musical projects!

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