These relationship advices for couples are mandatory given the current scenario & what the stats tell us about separation among newly weds!

Relationship advice for couples is of no use until they understand, “love isn’t a walk in the park.” No matter you are single, engaged, or married — every relationship demands sweat and tears.

They either end with a dramatic breakup scene or last forever, totally depending upon infinite factors. These include taking care of or ignoring small actions, unheard words, and silent thoughts that play a big role in making or breaking a relationship.

As time passes, you as a couple might feel stuck in the rut and miss the connection you had in the very beginning.

The feeling is just alright but doing nothing to replace it and revive the complacency can ultimately give rise to complications.

Just like you visit a doctor when your body is unwell, do you also nurture your relationships the same way? Well, only when we are in a crisis or conflicting state, what a shame to be honest.

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Seth J. Gillihan, Ph.D., clinical psychologist says, “Relationship is like a garden: Even when it’s doing well, weeds can grow and overtake it.”

Therefore, the right relationship advice does the same magic to nurture or even revive a collapsing relationship just like cutting weeds does to a stressed plant. The given tips may seem simple and normal, but it is surprising how people devalue their impact.

Relationship Advices for Couples!

Right Reasons to Stay Together

Everything that makes a relationship ‘work’ requires mutual admiration from both partners involved.

Without this sense of consideration, the true spirit of a relationship will remain unexplored. So what you can do about it?

Look for the right reasons to stay together!


Do not ever choose your life partner because:

  • Someone pressured you.
  • All your friends are married and you are single and feel like a loser (there are no such competitions when you are looking to get committed in the first place!)
  • Being young and naive and thinking that love would solve everything (no honey, it takes a whole mindset to get married, love is just an element in it)
  • You think their love will fix you and your life magically (how? when you, yourself are not trying to fix yourself)
  • You are depressed and you want someone to lean on (you are not looking for a therapist, but a spouse, right? therefore such expectations only disappoint when your partner turns out to be the total opposite of what you had expected).

Well, the truth is, whatever be the reasons, you should only stick to someone if their presence makes you feel good, heard, understood, and loved around them.

There is this connection you just cannot let go of! It is a mutual feeling.

Keep it simple, you cannot expect too much from a person who was just a stranger a few moments or days ago.  It is quite simple to understand but of course, the understanding of it takes some time, but no too much longer!

Live in Reality, not in a Fairytale

Remember the times when our parents kept spying on us 24/7 to see if we don’t get love trapped?

We all know why they considered ‘love’ a sickness. Because the teenage years of life bring along a sea of out-of-control emotions; one of which is the unbridled love.

It is like going gaga over each other without having complete knowledge of what it is like to be in a lifelong partnership and what it demands. What then happens is a breakup!

Similarly, if two adults fall in the blind romantic love, they are trapped!

They overlook each other’s faults meanwhile living in a fairytale. As soon as reality hits and practical life looms over their head, they go insane and take irrational steps.


Has anybody brought stars or moons for you, or did the light in your beloved’s eyes sparkled forever?  Unconditional love is a myth.

True love introduces you to reality and from there you depart from the emotional whims. You understand, if the commitment worth it or not, are you ready to share your ups and downs with that person? or will you be able to bear a few of their bad habits as they will too.

So, there is an advice for the newlyweds, take your time until the honeymoon coma ends, because after that you might see a different person, make moves rightly!

It takes Respect More than Communication


Coming straight to the point, ‘respect‘ is the #1 ingredient to cook a healthy relationship. This is not communication, looks, shared goals, mutual beliefs,  intimacy, or crazy love.

There are certain moments when you do not always feel love for your partner, but you never want to disrespect them.

Okay, take notes, ‘if you disrespect them, you lose your respect to them, and you are never going to get it back.

Lack of respect will lead to distrust and you judging your partner’s choices and approaches causing you both to hide things from each other. And from their cracks began to appear in the edifice you both created in a moment you considered primetime of your life!

What we have mostly heard is “communication is the key,” or “just talk it out even if it hurts them.” No matter how disciplined or transparent you both talk but you will lose it sometimes in emotions. This worsens conflicts because feelings get hurt anyway and you lose respect.

& This is the best relationship advice for couples!

So what you can do about it? cushion the human imperfections with respect and hold each other’s self-esteem. Believe in them and trust what they are trying to communicate without doubting their intentions. Never talk bad behind their back, respect the differences be it hobbies, interests, energies, and different perspectives, and hear their say in everything. Win each other with respect. But always remember, this is a MUTUAL THING!

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Unmask Your Insecurities!


There are habits of our partner that bother us and we discuss them with our family or friends, but not them! if your partner always peeps into your phone, spies on you, accuses you or blames you on things you did not do, and questions your choices, you will instantly become skeptical of their intention like what are they so insecure about?  Maybe he/she is hiding something from me and projecting his/her insecurities on me?

Trust it or not, only your spouse can help you in this and not anybody else. Because how can anyone else know your partner and what is bugging any one of you? So, it is better you communicate with them and unmask all the insecurities you both might be having.


There comes this important relationship advice for couples — transparency and staying vulnerable is the key to foster a happy relationship. Anything bothers you? say it, don’t hide it (don’t forget the respect factor). This will create an impact that your partner hides nothing from you which will end problems before they arise.

This one is hard to confront because, in most relationship fights, one person considers something as completely “normal” and the other thinks it’s a ‘knock-out’ time for them. Defining rational becomes extremely difficult in such situations. What you can do is stay patient and figure out the complications, route for solutions, win their trust, allow them to talk, and own their words.

Sharing with your partner is always healing as it opens up you both to each other’s insecurities.

Two Healthy Minds Make a Healthy Relationship


The ultimate relationship advice for the newlyweds is to understand that only you can take responsibility for your happiness and not your spouse.  Care to do nice n’ sweet things for each other but do not always burden your partner with unruly expectations. Two healthy-minded individuals can bring so much content and delight to the relationship.


Let’s get clear here, sacrifices and compromises do not make up a relationship. You are expected to keep the relationship alive with your own joy and understanding and considering what makes your partner feel pleased. It is a mutual game, therefore, living in a constant state of sacrifice, and laying the entire burden on one person will only weaken the bond in the longer run.

It takes two healthy and enlightened individuals to make a glowing relationship. It means two completely grown-up people with their own ideologies, interests, and opinions respecting each other’s individuality and personal space. Molding the other person is just insane because this is the person you chose for yourself in the very first place. So, find your own happiness and grow it together with your partner!

Fight for the GOOD!

A relationship is like a beating heart, pumping blood, made of muscles, who learns to grow stronger with more stress and challenges. It fights for life! Likewise, for a healthier marriage married life, the relationship has to bear stress and obstacles to become strong as a bull.

But it is not about those furious fights where both partners belittle each other, play blame games, criticize each other’s personalities, recall each other’s past, gaslight (manipulating their sanity), stonewall  (putting your partner down attacking them with an inferiority complex), call bad names, and whatnot.

As they say,  “hate the sin, love the sinner,” showing contempt and demeaning your partner and not trying to fix the conflicting points only wrecks havoc.


All this contemptuous behavior just worsens the fight. Being rude and throwing anger fits settles nothing. If things get too heated, take a break and collect your emotions to deal with the worsening situation.  Okay, this takes a lot of patience, sometimes you get overwhelmed with anger, but it is always better to exit from the situation until you are ready to tackle it sanely.  Walk, reflect, meditate, take a breather, collect yourself, and join in for a polite discussion.

Take notes, winning an argument, letting someone down, or holding a grudge has never won anybody a trophy. Being in a relationship is always a zero-sum game, nobody is a winner when you both lose in a relationship over stupid reasons. Fight only for the right reasons!

Little Things for BIG IMPACT!


Caring about small things saves you so many times in life in every sort of relationship. But making your spouse feel loved in unexpected ways adds brownie points to a stable married life. This can be showing love in different ways such as cooking their favorite food, giving them flowers, listening to each other and giving honest opinions, going for a walk, dinner together, and anything for a good time in each other’s company.


So, this one is a piece of valuable relationship advice for couples that no matter how bad you are stuck in your practical life, never kill that teenage love spirit. Because after you are done with the responsibilities of your children, you suddenly don’t want to wake up next to a stranger or a roommate. All those days when you were just fighting, only weakening the bond, and now you both ended up being strangers when it could be the finest years of your life.

Therefore, don’t ever stop doing the little things because they always leave a long-lasting mark!


Every new experience with your partner will demand a new impression. So before going bonkers in intense situations, try the above mentioned great relationship advice that will possibly save the moment and your marriage!

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