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True Lahoris keep the ‘best restaurants in Lahore’ crowded. Then why must you stay unaware of all the food goodness packed in Lahore’s food restaurants?

If you are looking for the best food to uplift your mood, then let’s discover some of the most popular restaurants offering mouth-watering food dishes in Lahore.

Restaurants in Gulberg

Find out the popular restaurants in Gulberg, Lahore:


Nando’s is one of the best restaurants in Gulberg with its major expertise in Portuguese-African food. Nando’s signature flame-grilled peri-peri style chicken is a divine pleasure to treat those who are always on a great food hunt.

There is more in Nando’s kitchen to satiate your sweet tooth, their layered chocolate fudge cake and cheesecake is to die for!

Yum Chinese & Thai

Yum is the ultimate stop for all your authentic Chinese & Thai food cravings. The restaurant resides in the heart of both Gulberg and DHA, Lahore. All the Chinese and Thai flavor blast apart, do not forget to try their hot n’ sour soup with the special edition of black mushrooms.

Moreover, Yum serves as the finest restaurant in Lahore with its ambiance perfect for a comfortable family gathering.

Junoon Restaurant

Junoon is decently a true Pakistani Restaurant as it serves traditional food items from all provinces with a magical fusion. The artsy paintings of ancient personalities depicting Pakistani culture are a good time to escape when you are waiting for your delectable food.

Here is a tip, their Darbari Murghi Handi, Mughlai Chicken Boti, Beef Bihari, and Malai Boti are must-must try food options from the menu.

For those, who love the outdoors, Junoon restaurant has a colorful rooftop to make your evening enchanting with your beloved.

Cafe Aylanto

 Cafe Aylanto is a contemporary style continental restaurant serving the exotic foodies in town. The restaurant’s menu has the most classic collection of  Mediterranean and Italian food dishes, accompanied by the addition of other popular western cuisines.

It is one of the classiest restaurants in Gulberg, Lahore, offering both indoor and outdoor seating, depending on your mood and of course the weather.


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Tabaq Restaurant is another classic restaurant making it to our list of best restaurants in Lahore. Originating from Laxmi Chowk, the desi restaurant has its more versatile branch in Gulberg serving an Asian fusion of Pakistani, Indian, Thai, and Chinese food, while fast food and seafood are other iconic additions to Tabaq’s menu. The classic eatery claims to provide a home-like atmosphere for its customers serving great food at the lowest prices, along with the right people that serve with passion.

Featuring an amicable feeling, Tabaq is the right spot for wholesome family get-togethers.

Tuscany Courtyard

Tuscany Courtyard is a high-toned Italian restaurant meeting our standards of modern age restaurants, luckily we have in Gulberg, Lahore. The state-of-the-art restaurant has a good variety of exquisite Italian, Continental, and Thai dishes. Hospitality, customer treatment, and on top of all food quality, are the prominent experiences to enjoy at Tuscany Courtyard.

Let’s not forget the captivating Italian architecture of the restaurant’s interior packed with several art pieces hanging all over the walls.

Bamboo Union

Bamboo Union is an authentic Pan Asian diner in Gulberg. Being a Pan Asian restaurant, they serve Chinese, Japanese, Thai and Seafood special items. Anyone who loves the Southeast Asian flavors must-visit Bamboo union for its luscious gravies, noodles, ramen, sushi, and rice featuring crunchy and fresh vegetables. Moreover, the Pan Asian pantry is a go-to place for a perfect outdoor treat with friends n’ family.

Restaurants in Model Town

Read below to find out the best restaurants with variety of delicious cuisines to satisfy your cravings:


OPTP – One Potato, Two Potato is a fast food restaurant with many branches all over Lahore and now one of the best restaurants in Model Town as well. The junk food restaurant claims to use natural potatoes for making fries from scratch. With a freshly revamped menu, the fast-food restaurant chain offers smoking hot pizzas, yummy burgers, freshly cooked roti-wraps, of course, the juiciest nuggets ever, and much more!


Howdy is a cowboy-themed restaurant in Model Town, Lahore. The restaurant offers humongous burgers with tasty sauces and fresh fries. No wonder if it is ‘son of a bun’ or ‘tickle pickle,’ each burger on the menu comes with a storm of flavor with each bite. While their steaks are the talk of the town. Did we tell you about their Rotisserie Chicken? Oh please try it for a lip-smacking taste experience.

Delish Pizza Bar

Delish Pizza Bar specializes in creating classic thin-crust pizzas with the finest ingredients in their kitchen. The pizzeria knows the magic to empty your pockets with its fresh dough for a proper thin crust, tomatoes for a flavor-rich sauce, yummy toppings sautéed in olive oil, and a pizza blanketed with pure dairy mozzarella cheese. We must say that their pizzas are a delight for all the pizza lovers!

Restaurants in Johar Town, Lahore

See below for the most recommended restaurants in Johar Town. We bet, you would not regret following one of our good suggestions:

Arcadian Cafe Signature – Emporium Mall

Arcadian Café has nicely made its place in the list of best of restaurants of Lahore in quite a little time. The hushed and serene restaurant offers a variety of international cuisines including Asian fusion, French, Italian, and Continental under one roof. Furthermore, the ambiance and décor create a heavenly combination for a good time out.

Qabail – Johar Town

Qabail is a Pashtoon restaurant that brings you the finest Qabaili food meanwhile takes you back to the ancient Pathan tribesmen tales. Their Qabuli sajji and Pulao, mutton Rosh, chapli kebab, and malai boti are the best picks to relish the true essence of Qabaili food. Also, the ethnic interior of the restaurant instantly grabs the attention once you enter the premises of the traditional Pakhtoon pantry. So, it is a good pick, if you are liking Qabail already!


Cup Shup is a typical Pakistani spot for tea lovers featuring delicious snacks for a memorable time with friends. Cup Shup makes it to the best restaurants in Johar Town for providing the coziest environment for the craziest chai lovers of Lahore.

Restaurants in Iqbal Town, Lahore

Have a look at the list below for the most known and nicest restaurants in Iqbal Town:


 McDonald’s Pakistan, an international fast-food chain, can be found in Iqbal Town as well. The junk-food restaurant pledges to put a smile on their customers’ faces, with their fresh and tantalizing burgers, nuggets, fries, and other value meals. Also, don’t we still love the toy in the happy meal?

Bundu Khan

Bundu Khan is one of the most mainstream restaurants in Lahore and now leading in Iqbal Town as well. The classic restaurant serves diversity in its menu where food items like chicken tikka, handis, chicken shashlik, Balochi Sajji, a variety of kebabs as well as a good range of yummy sweets and drinks are served to complete your meals. Bundu Khan would be the perfect spot for all your desi cravings!

Forks n Knives Allama Iqbal Town Lahore

Forks n Knives Pizza is one of the nicest restaurants in Iqbal Town for a good friend n’ family together. The pizzeria offers a diverse variety of flavorful pizzas, pasta, fresh salad, and chilled beverages.

Restaurants in Bahria Town, Lahore

Listed below are carefully hand-picked quality restaurants in Bahria Town:

Butt Karahi Bahria Town

Butt Karahi is famous for its tempting karahi in town. The restaurant is now one of the popular restaurants in Bahria Town. People with a good taste often make their way to Butt Karahi for a perfect desi pleasure in a desi mahol!

Bahria Grand Hotel & Resort

Bahria Grand Hotel & Resort offers an ideal blend of luxury, warmth, and food fiesta for an epic family meetup. Bahria Grand is our top recommendation to you for a spectacular dine-in experience with your loved ones.


NY 212 offers delish pizzas, cheesy lasagna, burgers, juicy malai boti, and other delicious food stuff that too in your budget. You can enjoy your food in a comfy sitting area both on the rooftop or indoors.

Restaurants in Garden Town, Lahore

Read on to know the finest restaurants in Garden Town, Lahore:

Lalqila Restaurant

Lal Qila is a Mughal era themed restaurant serving the grandeur of the foods that the kings used to devour. Lal Qila is one of the popular restaurants in Garden Town offering iconic Mughlai & traditional Pakistani cuisines.

Option – An Exotic Restaurant

Options – An Exotic Restaurant is a fine dining restaurant offering exotic touch in its variety of food items. The restaurant organizes intimate events be it birthdays, anniversaries, and any celebration for a good time. So, Options, for sure can be an ultimate option if you are looking for a quick food refuge in Garden Town.

Mei Kong

Mei Kong Cafe in Garden Town offers multiple cuisines including Chinese, Thai, Continental, and Pakistani good for any corporate, family, and friends’ meetups. Being one of the classic restaurants of Lahore, Mei Kong is also serving the exotic food lovers of Garden Town.

Restaurants in Faisal Town, Lahore

Listed below are the finest restaurants in Faisal Town, providing the most quality food:

Namak Restaurant

Namak Restaurant is a warm festive restaurant in Faisal town owning an ethnic outlook. The restaurant believes namak is a vital ingredient that enhances the taste of their traditional food items in particular. Namak is a nostalgic eatery that serves pure Afghan cuisine featuring friendly staff, live music, and tempting aroma.

Dera Restaurant

Dera Restaurant offers iconic desi dishes like chicken/mutton sajji, saag with makkai ki roti, chicken/mutton karahi, BBQ, and a diverse range of flavor-loaded food. The restaurant is also famous for its endorsement of Pakistani culture and heritage in its architecture and décor.

Nadeem’s Buffet

Nadeem’s Buffet is a perfect restaurant in Faisal Town for brunch, lunch, buffets, and hi-teas with your friends n’ family. It caters to your craving for every cuisine keeping the bars of quality high, so, there is a lot to choose from.

So, next time you find yourself bewildered about the best restaurants in Lahore around you, keep this expert list in your mind and hop on any of the mentioned recommendations (the best ones). Because good food always lifts bad moods!

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