Is your adventurous spirit always down for new things and destinations? Then this is the ultimate Lahore to Kumrat valley travel guide. Often described as a ‘fairyland,’  Kumrat is an adventure in itself offering epic tall mountains, ghastly rapid rivers, and moonlit waterfalls.

The faraway valley was most famous among the local KPK tourists, but after the government’s struggle, the hillside has been opened for Pakistani and other foreign tourists.

Kumrat has many breathtaking tourist points, many unexplored yet, but those willing to explore should continue reading to know more about the magical Valley:

Little about Kumrat Valley

The Kumrat Valley was mostly an unrevealed place to the world, however, the tourism there has increased relatively after Prime Minister Imran Khan’s visit in 2016. Afterwards, campaigns to promote tourism in Kumrat valley took pace grasping attention of local tourists and foreigners gradually. Situated in the foothills of the Hindu Kush mountain range about 8,100 feet above sea level, Kumrat is located in the Upper Dir District under Malakand Division of KPK.

The tourist destination is usually convenient for a visit in the summers since winters bring thick layers of snow making it difficult to easily commute and reach the valley. The highland has open stretches of refreshing savannahs, snow-capped tall mountains, soaring pine trees, a blaring river Panjkora, scenic hillocks, and dense deodar forests  are prominent attractions of Kumrat valley.

kumrat valley

Moreover, the vale is a habitat for a variety of wildlife, including snow leopards, brown bears, jackals, porcupines, monkeys, deer, ibex, Markhor, musk, monal pheasants, and chakores The versatile valley has numerous fruit trees of cherry, walnuts, amloke, mulberries, and chalghoza pine.

Lahore to Kumrat Valley – Travel Guide

kumrat valley distance from lahore

Total Kumrat Valley distance from Lahore is 706.3 km making around 12 hr. 40 min in total. Read on for a brief travel guide from Lahore to Kumrat Valley:

  1. Enter Lahore-Islamabad Motorway/ M-2
  2. Reach Islamabad.
  3. Enter M-2 and then to M-1.
  4. From M-1 reach Sher Khan Interchange.
  5. On exiting Sher Khan Interchange, enter the newly constructed Swat Expressway.
  6. On exiting Swat Expressway, enter into a newly constructed tunnel.
  7. On exiting the tunnel, take left turn to National Highway-45/NH-45 leading you to Dir (Chakra >Timergara > Lower Dir > Upper Dir > Thal)

NH-45 will lead you to a zig-zag road siding with high mountains and ghastly running river on the other side of the road.

  1. After arriving in Upper Dir, you will see a gated passageway, named as Baab-e-Kumrat (The door of Kumrat).
  2. Entering Baab-e-Kumrat will take you to Patraak, a village in Upper Dir. From there road condition become bad, so prepare yourself already.
  3. From there, rent a Car/ Coaster/SUV to reach Tapral. Careful! Keep the driving speed around 10-20 km/h, particularly for low-ground clearance vehicles. Exceeding the speed will only damage your vehicle or maybe you will be puking some time.
  4. After 2-3 hours, you will reach Thal.

Now from Thal, only a 4×4 Jeep/Fielder can help you reach the Valley. A fielder can lodge 4 passengers while 4×4 jeeps can lodge up to 10 passengers. You might need to bargain for a good deal.

  1. Well, a 2-3 hrs. of drive will finally take you to the dense Kumrat Valley.

And from there you can begin your expedition towards Pakistan’s one of breathtaking valleys, the Kumrat.

What you can do in Kumrat?

Tourists can enjoy several adventure activities such as trekking, mountaineering, and rock climbing in the various tourist destinations in the valley:

Panjkora River, Noisy yet Peaceful Pleasure!

The melting ice from the glaciers of the Hindukush range forms into a freezing cold Panjora river that flows through the entire length of the valley. There are local restaurants along the river banks that offer different sorts of pakoras including aaloo, pyaaz, and anda pakoraas. A noisy yet peaceful river along with steamy pakoras, what a combination to die for!

Camp like they do in one of those Hollywood movies… :D

travel guide to kumrat valley

Kumrat valley serves the best spots for the type of camping you see in the Hollywood movies. All dense and dark, besieged by towering trees and hills, next to the untamed river, random raining sprees, and starry nights to stare at the sky.

This one goes without saying, if you have that ultimate desire for a perfect moment in the wild woods featuring warm bonfires in the cold nights, sipping on a hot coffee mug, then Kumrat valley is the perfect spot to hook your tent on. Oh, beware, the spiders may creep into your camps!

The valley has many guest lodges and motels to stay, but to experience Kumrat in all its glory, set up a camp along the breezy river and enjoy the timeless adventure of your life. You can also go fishing for the most scrumptious trout to feast your taste buds.

Try hooking your camp nearby a local restaurant. The restaurant owners are always hospitable enough to provide food for the hunger and wood for the campfire to help you endure the wintry weather.

A Mesmeric Trek to Jahaz Banda

Lahore to kumrat valley

Jahaz Banda

Jahaz Banda is a large lush green pasture in the upper ranges of Lamoti village, also known as Jandrai village. Located at the height of 3,100 m above sea level, Jahaz Banda is the most sought after camp destinations for tourists in the Kumrat Valley. The picturesque meadow is the only most enchanting rewards after trekking for 3-4 hours on a challenging trail. You can also take the help of a local tour guide for grabbing a 4×4 jeep if you do not want to go on foot. However, after reaching the top, the unique landscape will leave you spellbound and your tiredness will blow away.

Known as a natural bowl of water, the ethereal glacial Katora Lake is located in the upper reaches of Jahaz Banda. We bet, you will be hypnotized by the beauty of the lake’s blue waters!

Lahore to kumrat valley

Katora Lake

For a better fair share of all the drill, set your campsite and wait for the enthralling sunsets or sunrises to witness a miracle!

Sparkling Waterfalls!

Kumrat Waterfalls

Waterfall nearby Do Kala Chashma, Kumrat

Although there are very beautiful waterfalls in Pakistan, however Kumrat also has some breathtaking views as well. That is not it! The unreal beauty of Kumrat has three magnificent waterfalls; two of these are located nearby Jahaz Banda while the third one identity is yet to be revealed. This is a total deal breaker, if you have come this far and miss the waterfalls, flowing through stiff whit-gray hills of Kumrat. Look for locals help if you lost track of any of the waterfall.

There are other amazing tourist spots in Kumrat valley including wooded canals, centuries old Mosque in Thal, Kala Chashma, Bara Dand Lake, Badawai top (from Kalam), Jandrai Trek, Kalkot, Badagoi Pass, and Dojanga the last point of Kumrat. There is always more to explore, always!

kumrat valley distance from lahore

Jamia Masjid Darussalam, Thal, Kumrat Valley

Traveling always brings exposure and happiness to a soul fatigued by monotony, therefore ignite that spirit of a traveler, pack your bags, and make it to your next destination, the heavenly Kumrat Valley.

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