This however has changed to a whole new perspective.

Truck art was never just pretty pictures. It tells you what the owner believes and that, by extension, tells you how people think in society.

Artisans paint, fighters, landscapes, military dictators, sexy women, Tablighi messages. The art was mostly about the male gaze. These images showed what people thought, but the new art is showing a different Pakistan.

Truck art

“In 2005, they said we should do it against bride exchanges, to settle fights, to educate people”, Hayat Khan Contractor.

“This is work for social good and the result will be peace. Good work can be done and spread without being in the school only. Art earlier was a way to earn money, now you can earn and do a good deed as well.”

So, through these changes, it shows that one way to change attitudes is to show people a different picture.

Images of violence and women as objects, portraits of film stars and politicians, are now being replaced with girls reading books, fathers giving daughters their inheritance and anything that grooms and educate people.

Lego Truck Art

Drivers used to update about their interests of painting and pictures they wanted on the trucks. Tahir Contractor said, “We want our own choice of actor, those in which they hold their guns or swords, the violent pictures”

Drivers were convinced and agreed on using their truck art for spreading awareness. They were told how their truck could deliver positive message while traveling throughout Pakistan.

“We used to make mountains, sceneries, pretty females, animals, or add poetry with cartoon pictures, but now Ustad Hayat has asked us to change it. He said it’s a message that will reach the remote areas with the help of our trucks. Since we travel to every city, people will read and see our message. Those who would want to understand will, and those who won’t will not”, said Haji Ahmed Driver

Pakistan Truck Art Beyond the Wheels

Pakistan Truck Art has gone beyond vehicles, in Pakistan and outside of Pakistan. It is seen on the walls, interior of many restaurants, souvenirs, crockery, clothing, bags and accessories. Since, everyone has the right to have his/her share of the truck art designs!

Pakistan’s ‘truck art’ is also a Popular and unique “Art” of the world. It is being praised all over the world by different nationalities.

Truck Art
Truck Art on a Bag
Truck Art on Furniture
Truck Art on Furniture

SalamPlanet is proud for being a part of such a diverse cultured and talented country! Let’s stand together in praising Pakistan for this and so much more; a country with most beautiful places to visit as well.

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