Pakistani entertainment & social media landscape in always full or controversies & scandals. The latest scandal is of Actress Uzma Khan & her sister. In a video that went viral over social media, Uzma & her sister were seen being interrogated by some ladies, who had broken into her home.

Allegedly the voice interrogating Uzma & her sister was Amna Usman, daughter of business tycoon Riaz Malik.

#UzmaKhan is currently trending on twitter. Almost 10 out 7 trends are somehow related to this story.

Uzma Khan VS Amna Usman – How it all started:

On Chand raat when everyone was busy either shopping or getting ready for eid next day. The same night Uzma Khan was attacked in her house. A group of ladies along with armed guards stormed into her house. Soon after entering into the house she started throwing things, shattering everything on ground & hitting the two girls. All this because of an alleged affair of her husband with JPNA actress.

The video which went viral was shot from the phone of a person who was interrogating Uzma & her sister Huma Khan. In the video both looked very frightened & one of the girls feet was bleeding too.

Ladies who were the attackers asked question about an alleged affair with Usman Malik, who is son in law of Malik Riaz. One of ladies was the wife of Usman & daughter of Riaz.

Soyi ho uske sath???” this was the question that was asked repeatedly to the duo, who only begged of mercy & said we’ll not do anything just spare us.

Throwing liquid, sexual abuse & rape threats:

In another video that also went viral after sometime, Amna & other ladies with her were seen throwing liquid, allegedly kerosene oil. It did not stop here, the ladies with Amna, sexually abused Uzma & Huma. At once Amna was heard telling her guard to touch the Uzma & take her to the room.

Lawlessness is on its peak in Pakistan and law is different for people coming from different society backgrounds. Poor & innocent people never get justice in our judicial system. Let’s see how it goes with this specific case where agitator is daughter of a wealthy & powerful business tycoon.

Why it all happened:

Uzma & Usman were friends from two years & were seeing each other. Wife of Usman, Amna accuses Usman & Uzma for being in a love & physical relationship. On Chaand Rat, she stormed into a house where both were present.

Here are replies from both parties:

Uzma’s side of story:

According to Uzma, Usman came to her house to wish her for Aitkaaf. After just five minutes of which the incident happened & she had nothing to do with Usman & they were only friends.

Amna’s side of story:

Amna on the other side accuses both for having physical relationship. She also claims to have repeatedly asked Uzma to stay away from her husband but she didn’t. However, Amna says she is not guilty of what she was done.