Beginning with the fact ‘Eating more fruits can reduce the risks of diseases’, they are a great source of Vitamins, Minerals and are an essential source of Fiber. All these nutrients play a key role in maintaining a healthy diet and balanced life. Salam Planet promotes a healthy life and ensures that its users are provided with an up-to-date application where all their demands are fulfilled and met. Keeping our promise, we have come up with an article covering ‘What Are The Healthiest Fruits’ that have extraordinary effects on our health.

Commonly, we do not understand which fruit has what benefits and how many types of fruits are there in the world. We eat according to our mood and taste irrespective of hidden benefits. Sometimes in doing so, we consume improper fruit at an improper time that results in an unbalanced diet and disturbed health. To help you avoid that situation, we made a thorough and detailed list of fruits for our users; have a look.

What Are The Healthiest Fruits That You Need To Make Part Of Your Routine!

Every human being has a specific trait that is different from the other. Similarly, the benefits of fruits are unique and different from one another. How? Find out here:

1) Strawberries

benefits of fruits

Strawberries are juicy, red fruit with a high-water content. The fruit is rich in Vitamin C, Manganese, folate and Potassium. They have a high antioxidant capacity that makes them best for reducing the risk of chronic diseases.  They have a low glycemic index that helps to control sugar levels in the body. Moreover, test-tubes and animal testing showed that Strawberries can prevent cancer and tumour formation. Did you ever realize while eating them that they are in fact helping you with an amazing diet?

2) Lemons

best fruits to eat daily

Ahh, Lemons! They do wonders! They have so many uses and benefits that one cannot even imagine. Beginning with the fact that they are citrus fruit, meaning they contain Vitamin C and antioxidants like others. Apart from this, they contain high amounts of folic acid, potassium, pectin, thiamin, vitamin A, Vitamin B-6 and riboflavin. They are helpful in treating heart health due to their potential to lower blood lipids and blood pressure. They are beneficial in preventing kidney stones as well. The most use that most of us are aware of is that they are an excellent source of reducing weight.

3) Grapefruit

best fruits to eat daily

Another citrus fruit in the house! Grapefruit is best known for its property in aiding weight loss. Those who consume Grapefruit are supposed to have less insulin and insulin resistance. Moreover, it can help you in preventing kidney stones and lower cholesterol level.

4) Oranges

eating fruits daily

At number four, we have Oranges (My personal favourite)! They are rich in Vitamin C and Potassium. They are also a good source of B vitamins, such as thiamine and folate. Their properties match with Lemons! They help in increasing Iron absorption as well as prevent Anemia. These are some really good benefits!

5) Pineapple

healthy fruits for skin

Pineapple falls in the category of Tropical Fruit. It is a nutrition superstar. One cup of Pineapple gives 131% Reference Daily Intake (RDI) of Vitamin C and 76% RDI for Manganese. The frequent intake of the fruit is said to prevent cancer and tumour growth. The fruit is rich in bromelain, which is an anti-inflammatory and helps in digestion of protein.

6) Avocado

healthiest fruits for weight loss

Here is the odd one! Avocado is different from the other fruits in the sense that where others are rich in Carbs, Avocado is lower in Carbs. But it does not mean it lacks anything, the fruit has a high quantity of healthy fats. The fats are of Oleic acid (monosaturated fat) linked to reduced inflammation and better heart health. In terms of nutrients, Avocado is not behind, the fruit consists of Potassium, fibre and Magnesium.

7) Blueberries

what are the healthiest fruits

Talking about the nutrition profile; they are high in fibre, vitamin C, vitamin K and manganese. Blueberries are exceptionally rich in antioxidants, which reduce the risk of chronic conditions such as heart diseases, Alzheimer’s, and diabetes. Moreover, they are known for their powerful effects on the immune system. So, when are you going to get them from the market?

8) Pomegranate

benefits of fruits

Ahh, the red fruit! So rich in nutrients and plant compounds. It is said that its antioxidant levels are three times higher than red wine and green tea. Moreover, it also has anti-inflammatory effects which may help reduce the risk of cancer. It is one of the healthiest fruits and a must-add in your grocery list.

9) Apples

best fruits to eat daily

Not just a popular fruit but also a healthy one. Apples are rich fruits in terms of its nutrients’ ratio and healthy effects. They contain Vitamin C, Vitamin K, potassium, and some B vitamins. The antioxidants in the Apples promote heart health, reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s and cancer. ‘One Apple a day, keeps the doctor away’ – the saying wasn’t just mere words, they mean it!

10) Blackberries

healthiest fruits for weight loss

The list of incredible fruits is long and Blackberry is one of them. Blackberry has a good amount of Vitamin C, Vitamin K and manganese. The antioxidants in Blackberries have shown to reduce the inflammation and ageing of arteries. These effects help in protecting chronic diseases such as cancer and heart illness.

11) Olives

benefits of fruits

The list of incredible fruits is long and Blackberry is one of them. Blackberry has a good amount of Vitamin C, Vitamin K and manganese. The antioxidants in Blackberries have shown to reduce the inflammation and ageing of arteries. These effects help in protecting chronic diseases such as cancer and heart illness.

12) Mangoes

best fruits to eat daily

The king of fruits – Mango, its ingredients is as much delicious as the taste. It may come as a surprise for many that the plant compounds in the fruits protect against diabetes. Furthermore, the fruit is rich in Vitamin C and soluble fibre; has an anti-inflammatory property and consists of antioxidants. All of these tiny powers join together to create a mega healthy effect on the body.

13) Bananas

best fruits to eat daily

Bananas fight depression! Apart from this, they are enchanted fruit. They are known for their high quantities of Potassium. Apart from this, their unique property ‘carb makeup’ especially green, unripe bananas consist largely of resistant starch that helps improves the blood sugar control and makes one feel full. The story does not end here, they have Pectin, which improve blood sugar control and digestive health. If you are an exercise enthusiast then bananas are a great source of fuel before exercise.

14) Cranberries

eating fruits daily

The nutrition profile of Cranberries consists of Vitamin C, manganese, vitamin K1, Vitamin E and Copper. Cranberries contain antioxidants like flavanol polyphenols which improves health. What makes Cranberries unique from the other fruits is that its juices and extracts help in treating urinary tract infections.

15) Watermelon

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Of all the amazing fruits, watermelon is the most hydrating. It consists of about 92% of water to make you feel full. Apart from this, watermelon is a good source of vitamins A and C. It also includes antioxidants like lycopene, carotenoids and cucurbitacin E. Some of these antioxidants like Lycopene are known to reduce the cancer risks of the digestive system. While cucurbitacin inhibits the growth of tumour.

Having a healthy diet is essential for a long, happy and disease-free life. But it is not easy to achieve it without having a proper intake of ingredients. The best part of the healthiest fruits is that they are healthy! They do not have side-effects and only provides the best of them to those who consume them. Like fruits, vegetables have amazing effects on our health as well. All the natural things have good intentions and actions for the human race, we just need to trust them and utilize them completely.

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