Travelling is fun and we cannot wait to go on the trip that we have been planning all our life. What does your checklist include? Packing your favourite clothes for the tour, preparing your friends ready, buying the finest shoes and travel bags; but does your checklist include Travel Insurance? If no, then it is one of the severe wrong decisions you could ever make in your life. But if you are finally thinking of getting one, you may have several questions in your mind like What does a travel insurance cover? And what it doesn’t? Where I can get the insurance and everything related to the topic. Salam Planet asks you to take a deep breath as we have categorized all the important stuff for you and all you need to do is read the piece thoroughly before having second thoughts.

Pros And Cons Of Travel Insurance

One may ask why Travel Insurance is a necessity while planning for a family vacation. Well, there are many advantages of travel insurance that convince one to go for an Insurance Package. The advantages include medical coverage for the whole family, stress-free stays, payment refund, peace of mind in personal liability and everything related.

Though there are many advantages of having Travel Insurance, there are a few disadvantages of travel insurance especially when your insurance policy does not cover specific areas. For instance, your insurance is of no value if you enter into warzone, if your reason for cancelling the tour does not fall under the covered reasons then having an insurance does not seem to provide feasible option and if for urgent reasons you had to take private plane then reimbursement for a similar situation is not possible.

What Does A Travel Insurance Cover?

Different Insurance companies have different criteria for setting up their Insurance policy. Choosing the right one is essential because there are a lot of chances for the cheap Insurance policy to cost you more in the long run, so, it is a wise decision to not go to that path. The United Kingdom is one of the developed countries in the world, and people over loves travelling around the world. To facilitate their people, there are numerous Insurance companies granting excellent options to them. If you have the question ‘How much does travel insurance cost?’, then the following table provides a common and most followed pattern by many companies. Have a look:

Area of Insurance Cover
Medical Expenses £2,000,000
Personal Liability £1,000,000
Cancellation Depends upon the total amount of the trip planned
Delay Cover It varies but is mostly covered
Missed Departure £500
Baggage – Lost, damaged or theft £1,500
Policy excess Under £100
Holiday cash £250-£500
Emergency Assistance 24/7 support

Now, we will discuss the areas with more details for a better understanding of the policy and what it covers.

Travel Insurance Covering Medical Emergencies

What Does A Travel Insurance Cover

This is often overlooked because of the fact that our ‘Medical care’ will cover up mishaps. But this is not true, your Medical Care is only valid in your country, whereas, in a foreign country, it is a big “IF”. Therefore, having a Travel Insurance is a must as all your medical emergencies are covered within. The perks of having insurance are that it can cover for your accidents, dental care and emergency medical when you travel abroad. Apart from medical, emergency evacuation is also possible in case of unfortunate incidents. The coverage includes airlifts, medically equipped flights back home and in many cases, you can select the hospital of your choice. If we talk about how much it will cost you without insurance, the rate goes up to around £40k, which is a huge amount to cover. Will you consider having insurance?

Travel Insurance Covering Cancelled Trips

What Does A Travel Insurance Cover

You are fully prepared for the trip, checked your pre-paid non-refundable payment from the list and packing is done; but just a few days before the flight date, you have to cancel your trip. So, now the question arises, will you be able to get your trip money back or not? Of course! If your cancellation reason falls under the covered reasons by the Insurance company then there is nothing to worry about. The covered reasons are:

  • Sickness or injury.
  • Death of you, a family member or a companion.
  • Weather issues like hurricane damage your destination or cancel the flight.
  • Financial default of the Insurance company
  • Traffic accident prior to the flight
  • Terroristic activity in the destined place or home country
  • Legal separation or divorce
  • Call for jury duty or military deployment

There can be many other reasons for cancelling the trip, and Insurance companies with time update their policy, so it’s a better practice to check thoroughly the details before hiring that company’s package.

Travel Insurance Covering Personal Liability

Personal Liability covers the situations in which you cause damage or injury to other person or their property. If that person claims anything against you, under the Travel Insurance Policy, it will be covered. The policy can give you protection up to £1 million.

Travel Insurance Covering Delay Flights; Baggage Damage, Loss & Theft

What Does A Travel Insurance Cover

Travel Insurance has more to cover rather than just Medical Emergencies and Cancelled trip, for some reason like bad weather or mechanical breakdown of the plane; the Insurance company can reimburse the loss. Moreover, your meals and hotel accommodations will also be refunded.

Similarly, in case of Baggage loss, damaged or theft scenarios; Travel Insurance can also cover for the loss only when it is confirmed that the baggage has been stolen. It includes the amount that you can utilize to buy clothes and other related items. However, if the baggage is delayed, travel insurance does not provide monetary support in that case.

Travel Insurance Covering ‘Emergency Assistance’

What Does A Travel Insurance Cover

Travel Insurance provides 24/7 assistance to its members. In case of emergency, one can call them at any time for any assistance. Emergency Assistance covers the following aspects:

  • It can organize medical transportation for you
  • It can help you in locating an adequate hospital near you
  • It can help in arranging home transportation
  • Apart from medical assistance, they can help you in providing information relating to Visa and passport requirements
  • It can help in locating the lost item

What Does Travel Insurance Not Cover?

After a thorough discussion on what a particular Travel Insurance covers, there are a few things that are not covered by the Travel Insurance Policy. The list of exclusions is as follows:

  • Losses due to pre-existing medical conditions.
  • Tickets that you win as an award or redeeming frequent flier or credit card miles, the losses of such items can be covered under the policy
  • Change of your mind. For instance, if you suddenly decide to not go, does not come under the Insurance policy. However, the reason falls the covered cancellation reasons then you are on the safe side.
  • Lousy, bad weather and high-risk games like scuba diving, bungee jumping sky-diving and related sports are not covered by your Travel Insurance.
  • Losses due to a number of factors like psychological illness, radioactive contamination, military interventions, insured causing intentional harm like suicide, or insured committing unlawful acts; all these losses are not covered by the Insurance.

Two Types Of Travel Insurance For Everybody!

Most commonly, there are two types of travel insurance that buyers buy. These Insurances cover the expenses as mentioned in their packages. These kinds are described below:

  • Vacation Insurance

As the name suggests, this type of Insurance covers vacation plans. Insurance is a must thing to have before heading to your favourite destination. It is beneficial for a number of things, they are:

  • Vacations and general travel
  • Family Trips
  • Cruises
  • Domestic or International travels
  • Travel Health Insurance

Travel Health Insurance is an essential element while vacationing outside the country. It provides emergency medical coverage on the trip. Travel Health Insurance is ideal for:

  • Vacations abroad
  • Business trips abroad
  • Long-term work or study abroad

Cruise, trips and travel; Insurance cover the losses resulting from sad and unforeseen dangers. Next time, if somebody asks you ‘What does a travel insurance cover?’ make sure you guide them well.

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