YouTube and Tik Tok both are video entertainment platforms. Both rely on users generated content and YouTube has its partner monetization program as well, that pays content creators on YouTube handsome amount.

However, recently the content creators on both the platforms indulge in a nasty fight that eventually became tik tok vs youtube.

It all started with Elvish Yadav roasting TikTokers:

An Indian YouTuber who has a huge following roasted a few famous tiktokers and the reply was evident. However, this reply would trigger an all out war between tiktokers & youtubers.

The war gained much hype after Carryminati another youtuber replied to one of tiktokers reply that he has posted on Instagram.

The video titled “Tik Tok vs YouTube: The End” become so viral on social media that it became the most liked video in shortest time on the video entertainment platform.

However, after a few days the video was deleted from YouTube saying it conflicted with YouTube’s community guidelines.

The war however, is all their & still popular YouTuberss & Tik Tokers are making videos on every platform.

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